One More Young Female Just Came In. What A Story!/ Matching Challenges for $100, $150, & $200 for “The Summer of ’22 Thirteen”.

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Thursday Evening, June 14, 2022

Gem of the Day: “A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel guilty so that you cannot enjoy it.” Helen Thomson 

Dear Small Pawsers,

Good Evening.

Since our last meeting on the porch with the Hummingbirds this morning, the most extraordinary thing has happened.

A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted about a cruelty case from a shelter in North Texas. Sadly, this is not unusual.

Oh my Lord Jesus help us. What is THAT and who DID this?

We were scheduled to pick her up, a 4 year old female. She was being treated as a cruelty case with law enforcement. 

But right before we went to get her, the shelter told us she had been returned to her owner! What in the world! I was LIVID!

Then it was explained to us that this dog was reported stolen over a year ago and only now had the rightful owners found her! They had proof and paperwork that she was their dog. She was going home! What a great story! We were elated!!

Then today, not so much.

Her owners had gotten used to not having a dog around and wanted to travel and I’m not making this up, THEY RETURNED HER TO THE SHELTER TODAY WITHOUT EVEN A NAME!!!! 

At LEAST they had her mats shaved off.

The Shelter said this dog is good with dogs, kids and loves everyone.  

Also, she wasn’t back in gen pop and has been staying in the front with no other dogs there. No need for quarantine.

So it’s summertime and I named her “Bloomie”. She just looks like a Bloomie to me.

But this was the best part. The shelter manager drove Bloomie over to our vet’s office, herself, for us!

Her Foster Mom will pick her up in the morning.

We believe she has been fully vetted. We just want them to check to see if she needs a dental.

Welcome to Small Paws, Bloomie. THIS will NOT happen to you again!

So we have three matching challenges for the now 13 newest dogs listed below. We have only gotten started on our goal.

What is a matching donation challenge?

First, from Small Pawser, Mary Jo Cox, we have this generous chalenge for $200.00. Is there anyone who can match Mary Jo for The Summer of 22 Thirteen? Thank you Mary Jo!

On Jul 14, 2022, at 6:40 AM, Mary Jo Cox <> wrote:

I would like to issue a $200 challenge to help these pups.

Mary Jo Cox

Next, from Barbe Von Netzer in OKC, my Sister Friend for nearly 30 years, we have this challenge for $150.00!! Can anyone match Barbe? Thank you Barbe and Randy!

Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2022 9:47:54 AM
To: Robin Pressnall <>
Subject: Re: Small Paws® Rescue Delivery Issues Repaired. Summertime Thoughts From My Heart To Yours. $500.00 Matching Donation Challenge For 12 New Dogs In Need.

Oh Robin, looks like you have your hands full. I will donate $150 in honor of my three… er two bichons and one extraordinary cat Benny! My girlfriend gave me this for my bday…. This says it all.

Make it a matching challenge please! Let’s see what we can do to help. Love you, BARBE
Next, from Dawn Bove, Bichon Lover Extraordinaire, we have this challenge for $100.00! Is there anyone who can match Dawn? Thank you again, Dawn!
On Jul 14, 2022, at 8:44 AM, Dawn Bove <> wrote:

Good Morning Robin: Such sweet little fluffs. Hopefully we can get them all fixed up and into loving forever homes.
I will make a challenge for $100.00.
As always sent with love, Dawn

So that’s the story for today.

I am here and will issue all matching challenges for The Summer of ’22 Thirteen! All My Love And More, Robin


Thursday Morning, July 14, 2022

Gem of the Day: “ “You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” ~ Timber Hawkeye

Dear Small Pawsers,

It’s sweet, sweet summertime, once again.

The hummingbirds are buzzing around this Oklahoma gal’s back porch, perching on their feeders, without a care in the world, which is just as it should be.

I need to let you know that we have had some I.T. Technical issues lately. 

To try to make a long story short, some while ago, our server changed everyone over to Microsoft Office 365 for better security. That caused a recent conflict with Constant Contact, our Newsletter Delivery Service. It also caused G-mail to inaccurately blacklist our domain of We have been working on this for weeks now and hopefully, it is now fixed.

Our newsletters will now be arriving from this address. instead from (It’s still me. Just hide in the bushes and watch.) 

As is the case every summer, it seems like many are away on vacation, again, just as it should be. 

But that also means that our donors are away.

And veterinarians are away. They are having difficulty with keeping staffed. Many are closing.

Lots of things have things have changed since we began our Magnificent Obsession back in May of 1998.

Even more things have changes since Covid entered our our society and our very homes.

The same things that other businesses are dealing with now, also affect Small Paws Rescue like inflation and the economy.

If you know me, you know that I dread coming to tell you we need help, especially during these difficult times. It hurts my heart.

But these poor dogs can’t ask for themselves. Not a one of them.

So, I’m going to tell you about some of them, with their stories and pictures.

But before you see them, we do have one phone in matching donation challenge for $500.00 from Joan and Pat Border at  

What is a matching donation challenge?

Is there anyone who is blessed enough to match the Borders? If so, that will be $1000.00 closer to our goal of $16,700.00. Gulp. 

Vetting for each dog, if there isn’t anything out of the ordinary wrong with them is costing us between $1300.00 and sometimes $2000.00 each, depending on their location. That’s also if they don’t need an Emergency Hospital. Prices just keep going up.

We currently have dogs in rescue located in in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

So without further ado…

1 and 2. Meet Blossom and Poppy. (Poppy has the gray ears.)

From Team Leader Sara Rhodes: “They were found as strays and the owner was found, but did not want them so signed them over to CACC and you know the rest! Welcome to Small Paws girls. Heather picked them up today. They are probably under a year and now at our vet near Chicago. They are a very bonded pair. Probably sisters. It will be around $2800.00 to vet them both.

3. Meet 10 month old Shih Tzu-Bichon mix, Fergie. He is being fostered near Tulsa. The previous owner’s surgeon told her that he has a problem with his growth plate in his ankle. They recommended X-rays, but the owner had financial issues and just couldn’t afford his care. There were other hardships, but she really couldn’t keep him. He see’s our surgeon in August for a consult to see what can be done.

4. Meet Finn. Finn was a stray at a shelter near Chicago. He was very sick with continual vomiting upon intake with SPR. He had antibiotics and fluids for a couple of days and is doing much better. His vetting will run around $1900.00 because he needed critical care.

5. Meet Hubble. From Sara Rhodes: “We thought he was one big bichon but he ended up being a doodle ❤️And aprox 40 lbs.!  He is young, not sure until our vet does an age estimate ! He is super sweet and friendly! He is now at our vet near Chicago being vetted and quarantined.” His vetting will be around $1600.00-1700.00.

6. Meet 15 week old Oliver who is being fostered in Arizona. He was purchased at a pet shop and the owner’s child had allergies. Estimated vetting $500.00.

7. Meet Rosie. Rosie is a three year old bichon who loves to play and cuddle. She had her dental today. Her vet bills will be around $1000.00. Rosie is in Colorado.

8. Meet Ruffles. Ruffles was just adopted but his vet bills haven’t been paid yet. Estimate is for $1300.00.

9. Meet Rylee and Lilly. Rylee is 11 years old and Lily just turned 9. Their Mom was terminally ill and was desperate for them to be rescued. They are a bonded pair. They have not been to the vet in years due to their former owners illness. Vetting for both will be around $3000.00. They are near Las Vegas NV.

10. Meet 4 year old Thor with Small Pawser, Geri Leland who sprang him from a shelter near Chicago. He is 4 years old and with quarantine, his vetting will be around $1500.00. This includes 10 days of quarantine to keep from bringing shelter diseases home to our foster homes. Our own dogs must come first.

11. Meet Ziggy! From Sara Rhodes: Ziggy is quite a mess of knots ! He was a stray unclaimed from CACC. We think young adult but will have to see what our vet says. We think he is around 18 lbs. He is now at our vet near Chicago. His bill will be around $1800.00.

12. Meet Picasso. Picasso was abandoned, perfectly groomed, in the lobby of a shelter near Austin, Tx. He is only a year old. He is heartbroken. We will be needing a foster home for him in the Dallas, Texas area, soon. His vetting and quarantine will be around $1300.00. 

So those are our latest rescues. The total comes to $16,700.00. It’s a lot, but not impossible if those who can help, help. We’ve seen the mountains move before, and I’ll believe He’ll do it again.

I think you all know me well enough to know that we don’t ask for help unless we need help.

I’m here on the porch with the hummingbirds and will issue any matching donation charges that come in. All My Love, Robin