Foster Parent

How to Become a Much Needed Small Paws® Rescue Foster Parent!


Subject: Fostering
Date: 6/10/2009 8:29:07 A.M. Central Daylight Time

Hi Robin,
Just a quick note to say I agree wholeheartedly with your reflections regarding fostering. I have been fostering for 5 years. It is the most rewarding pastime I know. Challenging, emotional, and wonderful. Yes I’ve cried at the airport when my foster is flying to it’s forever home (airline personnel have asked me if “I’m OK?”). I’m proud to say I’ve failed “Fostering 101” on more than one occasion! You are right on when you talk about “sharing another spot in bed” or “taking the fluffs on a car ride for ice cream”. I just love to sit and watch my fosters run around the yard with a big smile on their faces! It’s pure joy. Mill dogs would never know these simple pleasures if someone didn’t step up to the plate, rescue them and lovingly foster them. I realize fundraising and coordination are essential elements of a successful rescue, but the heart and soul of an organization lies within it’s volunteers. I always thought I’d wait until I retired to foster (retirement is a few years off). I’m so glad I didn’t. I urge anyone who is remotely thinking of fostering to give it a try. You’ll never regret it!


Subject: RE: Fostering
Date: 6/10/2009 11:26:19 A.M. Central Daylight Time

From Brant Cramer, a member of our Board of Trustees:
Many years ago when I first started with SPR, there were few foster requirements in place. There was a young teenager whose family had fostered a particularly nice Bichon for several weeks. It was eventually adopted, but she had grown quite attached to the pup. Her friends asked her how could she give up the dog she loved so much. I have never forgotten her answer. “Easy, it gives me a chance to foster another dog that needs me”