Adoption Fees

Thank you for contacting Small Paws® Rescue! Our goal is to adopt loving Bichons, to responsible, loving, permanent homes. This form helps us to learn more about you and your family, in order for us to make the best possible match
Small Paws Rescue’s Online Adoption Application

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For dogs under eight years old The Small Paws® Rescue’s Adoption Fee is $150.00. This adoption fee includes vaccinations, heartworm check, teeth cleaning (if needed) and altering (if over 6 months of age.)
For dogs over eight years old the adoption fee is reduced to $75.00.
Bonded pairs may be adopted together for the single adoption fee outlined above.
If shipping your new Bichon to you is required, there will be these additional fees: $175.00 for air fare, $40.00 for an airline approved crate, and $35.00 for an FAA required veterinary health certificate.(The crate, health certificate and airfare are not refundable.)