$1000.00, $200.00, and $100.00 Matching Challenges For Hit By Car Marley’s Surgery Tomorrow. Help Is Needed.

We have added our Text-to-Donate feature! It’s simple and secure. You can use any major credit card as well as Google Pay and PAYPAL! Text the number 44321 (how easy is THAT number to remember?!) and type the letters SPR ( all capitals) in the message area. A secure link will come up with simple instructions. After that, you can text a donation of any amount to Small Paws anytime without filling out your information again! We hope you enjoy the ease and security of Text-to-Donate, to help the Bichons!


12:30 P.M. CST Monday June 12, 2023

Dear Small Pawsers,

As you know we have little Marley, three years old and only 11 pounds, who was hit by a car in the Dallas, Texas area. He needs to have surgery tomorrow as he can’t stand or walk, right now on his back right leg, due to a crack in the right side of his pelvis.

Since this surgery is happening TOMORROW IF WE CAN RAISE $4000.00 for it, I want to get these matching challenges out to you right away. 

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

First, from Mike and Cindy Bush at mbush@flash.net, we have this amazing challenge. They met the first two challenges for a combined $300.00 and they have issued this one for $1000.00! Mike and Cindy, THANK YOU! I’m praying that someone is able to match this. 


We’ll match the two challenges and issue a $1000 challenge for Marley’s surgery.

Cindy and Mike Bush>

I know that not everyone is able to match a large challenge like this. We never ever want to run you short. If you aren’t able to match this, please pray that someone else can.

Next, we have this challenge for $200.00 from Toni Wagner. Thank you Toni! Is there anyone who can match Toni?

<From: Toni Wagner <toni.wagner@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2023 9:26:56 AM
To: Robin Pressnall <robin@smallpawsrescue.org>
Subject: Re: “Marley” Has Been Hit By A Car & Needs Surgery To Be Able To Stand & Walk. Urgent. We Just Rescued 2 Dogs From 2 Shelters. Help Is Needed By Tomorrow. Please Read.

Dear Robin, I would like to issue a challenge for 200.00. What a blessing Small Paws has been over the years. A special thanks to Robin and all involved who have rescued a precious pup. What a great family of loving people. Blessings, Toni Wagner <

Lastly, from Sherri Pizitz we have this challenge for $100.00! Thank you Sheri! Is anyone able to match Sherri so we can get this surgery tomorrow? Remember, for both Marley and Panache, we need roughly $5700.00.

>Sheri Pizitz <sheri@sheripizitz.com> wrote:

Hi Robin!

I wasn’t able to help transport this weekend, but will match the $100 challenge and issue another challenge for $100. Let’s keep paying it forward!

Sheri Pizitz>

Yes, it’s vacation time and many of you aren’t online. It seems that these emergencies always come at times like this or on Christmas Eve just as your door bell is ringing!

Marley doesn’t know what a vacation is. He only knows that he hurts.

He found his way to our door, which in the scheme of things is a miracle in itself.

Now he needs another miracle. And that miracle is you.

Thank you all! All My Love, Robin


9:00 Monday Morning, June 12, 2023

Dear Small Pawsers,

As you know, we have a little one who has been hit by a car. 

This is 3 year old, 11 pound “Marley” who was hit by a car.

He needs pelvic surgery to be able to stand and to walk.

So far we have raised $438.00. His surgery will be $4000.00. See below for details and x-rays.

We have the following matching donation challenges.

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

First, from long time Small Pawser, Scott Pace, we have this challenge for $200.00. Is there anyone who can match Scott, to help us get this surgery tomorrow? Thank you Scott! I hope that someone can match you!

<From: Scott Pace <pacess3@att.net>
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2023 7:52:32 AM
To: Robin Pressnall <pup3@aol.com>
Subject: Please Issue for Marley

Please issue a $200 matching challenge to help Marley ” walk” into someone’s life without worry about applying for a Handicap Sticker or stowing his wheels.

All my love to you and everything you and the team do for our babies.


Next, from Mary Jo Cox, we have this challenge for $100.00. Thank y7ou Mary Jo! Is there anyone who can match Mary Jo?


On Jun 12, 2023, at 8:12 AM, Mary Jo Cox <maryjocox@me.com> wrote:

I will issue a $100 challenge to help these pups.  Thank you for giving them a second chance.

Mary Jo Cox
So we are just barely at 10% of raising what is needed for surgery tomorrow morning.
That price does include a rescue discount.
I am here and will issue all matching donation challenges.
We have a long way to go and a short time to get there. All My Love, Robin


Monday Morning 7:00 A.M. June 12, 2023

Gem Of The Day: No time for a Gem. We Have A Hit By Car Medical Emergency. 

Dear Small Pawsers,

This past weekend, with the help of our Texas Team Leader, Michelle Morgan, we rescued two dog’s from two Texas shelters.

First, meet this approximately 8 year old male Bichon, whom we’ve named “Panache”.

flamboyant confidence of style or manner.
“he entertained Palm Springs society with great panache

Panache was abandoned in the parking lot, at the Austin, Texas shelter.

He was on stray hold for three days before we could finally have him.

Because our vet in the area, Leander Vet Clinic ,was already full until Tuesday morning, Panache is being boarded at a boarding kennel until then. His vetting will then be around $1700.00.

Next, meet 3 year old, 11 pound, “Marley”. I think he might be a Cocker-Bichon mix. Marley was brought into the Dallas shelter, after having been hit by a car. He was in pain in this picture taken at the shelter.

He is now at the Veterinary Medical Center of Athens, in Athens, TX. 

As you can see, Marley can’t bear any weight on his back right leg.

This is the culprit. See where it doesn’t meet? He needs a


He will need a plate and screws.

They are giving him meds to relieve his pain.

He is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday morning. But we have to be able to pay for it, in advance.

They will neuter him at that time, too. (He was probably out “looking for love in all the wrong places” because he wasn’t neutered, when he was hit by the car.)

The cost for this surgery will be around $4000.00.

Altogether, we need to raise $5,700.00 for Panache and Marley.

I know there isn’t much time.

I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges.

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

All My Love, Robin

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