Resending Due To Small Print! I’m So Sorry! – Hello? Is Anyone Here? New Matching Challenges For The Small Paws Ten, Just Rescued.

I’m resending this as some of you received it with tiny print! I am so sorry! I hope this is easier to read! Robin

We have added our Text-to-Donate feature! It’s simple and secure. You can use any major credit card as well as Google Pay and PAYPAL! Text the number 44321 (how easy is THAT number to remember?!) and type the letters SPR ( all capitals) in the message area. A secure link will come up with simple instructions. After that, you can text a donation of any amount to Small Paws anytime without filling out your information again! We hope you enjoy the ease and security of Text-to-Donate, to help the Bichons!


Thursday Evening July 6, 2023

Dear Small Pawsers,

I’m hoping that some more  of you are back home, after the Holiday on July 4th.

We have three matching challenges for the ten dogs we have taken in recently. Please see their stories below.

So far we have raised only $780.00.

We need to vet the newest rescues. Some of them don’t need too much while others need expensive dentals and other surgeries.

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

First, from from Mary Hurley at, we have a matching challenge for $1000.00. Thank you for issuing this, Mary. Is anyone able to match Mary? If so, we will have $2000.00 to put towards their vet care.

Then from Judy DeAngelis, we have this beautiful memorial matching challenge, issued in memory of Judy’s beloved “Jaco”, who lived to be 19 years old. Thank you Judy for remembering the others, and for loving Jaco so much, for so long. Can anyone match Judy , maybe in memory of one of yours?

From: Judy DeAngelis <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2023 3:43:30 PM
To: Robin Pressnall <>
Subject: Re: Marley Video Update!/10 New SPR Dogs Need Help/$1000 Matching Challenge/Florida Team Leader/Foster Homes Needed

Hi Robin,

They are all so cute.  I would like to make a matching challenge for $500 in memory of my sweet Jaco who was 19 when he went over the rainbow bridge.  He was determined to go to CA and have one last stroller ride at the beach and feel the cool ocean breeze.  He is now running free with Teddy.  They will both be greatly missed. I was blessed to have them in my life for so many years. This is the first time in 40 years I have been without a white fluff. 
Thanks again for everything you do in the world.  
Judy DeAngelis

Next, from Gisela Towner, we have this challenge for $100.00. Is there anyone who can match Gisela?

From: Gisela Towner
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2023 4:17 PM
To: Robin Pressnall <>
Subject: Re: Marley Video Update!/10 New SPR Dogs Need Help/$1000 Matching Challenge/Florida Team Leader/Foster Homes Needed

Whoa, that’s a big bundle of beautiful Bichons!  😮

Please put up a $100 challenge from Bugsy, Meryl and Beamer for the new Small Paws Family members. Gisela

Lastly from Dawn Bove, we have this challenge for $100.00. Thank you again, Dawn. Is there anyone who can match Dawn?

From: Dawn Bove <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2023 9:42:03 AM
To: Robin Pressnall <>
Subject: Re: Marley Video Update!/10 New SPR Dogs Need Help/$1000 Matching Challenge/Florida Team Leader/Foster Homes Needed

Hi Robin: Wow, we’ve got quite a new bunch to get all fixed up. 
I will make a $100.00 challenge and hope someone matches me soon.
As always sent with love.
So that’s where we are. These newest ten rescues don’t know about Holidays. They only know they are in need of help.
It’s summertime and many of you are away. I know because of all of the Away Messages I’m getting back.
Hello? Is anyone here? ((Robin turns laptop upside down and shakes))
Help is needed. All My Love, Robin 


Wednesday Morning July 5, 2023

Gem Of The Day: “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” ~Author John Grogan

Many thanks to Mary Jo Barnett at, for organizing and hosting the Small Paws® Rescue 25th Anniversary Bash in Terre Haute Indiana on July 1, 2023! We had people from 7 states, and, as you can see,  many Bichons in attendance! We raised $4,200 to go towards vet bills for TEN newly rescued Bichons. This covers about 2 1/2 of them. Help is needed. Please see below.

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have this video update for little Marley, near Dallas, Tx. We rescued him after he was hit by a car. He had surgery at  Veterinary Medical Center of Athens, in Athens, TX. 

                                                    Marley, before surgery.

Marley, walking after surgery! Thank you all so much!

Next, we have TEN new dogs! Two from Texas, two from Florida, two from Indiana, and four from Illinois.

Their vetting and quarantine will run an average of $1,700 each, and that’s including rescue discounts. Some are needing extra surgeries.

We raised $4,200 at The Midwest Bash. That’s enough for about 2 1/2 of the 10.

Please remember that if you adopted your dog from Small Paws, there was someone who helped pay his or her vet bills at the time.

Now, we have new rescues who need help. 

First, we have a Matching Challenge for $1000.00 from Mary Hurley at Thank you so much, Mary! Is there anyone who is able to match Mary? 

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

I’m going to end with pictures of our newest TEN. I know it’s a lot. These have all come in recently.

We are also in need of more transporters and foster homes in Il., IN., North and South Texas, Florida, and Ohio.

This is an application to become a much needed volunteer!

We are in need of new volunteers, both transporters and foster homes, in Illinois, under the direction of Team Leader, Sara Rhodes. Meet our newest 4 rescues in Illinois:

One year old “Capers” right after rescue. He is absolutely terrified and had to be sedated to be shaved. 

“Capers” after shaving. He is also cryptorchid. (He has a retained testicle and will need abdominal surgery to be neutered.)

8 year old “Bedford”. He has a slight, asymptomatic heart murmur and a growth on his head which will need to be removed. 

5 year old “Hudson” has a ear infection in his right ear and an umbilical hernia which is a growth in his left lower abdomen. It will require surgery to remove.

 “Charley” just came in from a shelter and is not yet neutered. He will also need to be shaved as well as getting the works. (Neuter, Heartworm Test, Fecal, CBC blood work, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and ten days of quarantine at the vet’s office). That’s how their vet bills add up. 

We are in need of new volunteers in Indiana under the leadership of Team Leader Sara Rhodes:

Meet 2 year old “Daisy” located in Indiana. She was an owner surrender.


8 month old “Benji” was an owner surrender and is in Indiana.

We are desperately in need of new volunteers in North and South Texas, under the direction of our Team Leader, Michelle Morgan: 

Abandoned in a shelter parking lot, meet this Bonded pair, George and Gracie. They must be adopted together. 

We are also in need of new volunteers, both transporters and foster homes, in Florida. By the way, our Team Leader Extraordinaire, Vickie Inglee, has retired after 13 exemplary years of service! If you are interested in leading our Florida Team, please let me know at! Next, in Florida, meet:

5 year old “Boomer” is a Coton De Tulear and though he doesn’t look like it, he is a special needs dog. He is terrified of other dogs and of people. He was an owner surrender. He will need a special quiet adult only home as the only dog.


Baxter is a 3 year old owner surrender. He is playful and needs another playful dog in residence.

Those are our newest rescues. 

I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges.

What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

They really do need your help. All My Love, Robin

 Florida Charity Registration # CH37698