New Matching Challenges for Baxter’s Broken Leg Surgery! $500, $200, $100, and $20.00 Challenges!

                   Two year old “Baxter” was found as a stray, hit by a car near Chicago. Emergency Help Is Needed.

We have added our Text-to-Donate feature! It’s simple and secure. You can use any major credit card as well as Google Pay and PAYPAL! Text the number 44321 (how easy is THAT number to remember?!) and type the letters SPR ( all capitals) in the message area. A secure link will come up with simple instructions. After that, you can text a donation of any amount to Small Paws anytime without filling out your information again! We hope you enjoy the ease and security of Text-to-Donate, to help the Bichons!






Thursday Afternoon, August 18, 2022

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have the following matching donation challenges for little broken leg Baxter! (see below)

What is a matching donation challenge?

First, from Tana Kearns, at, we have this challenge for $500.00. Thank you so much, Tana, and I hope someone can match you soon! We are hoping they can start surgery in the next couple of hours!

From: Tana Kearns <>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2022 12:07:33 PM
To: Robin Pressnall <>
Subject: RE: Hit By Car Medical Emergency. 2 Year Old Precious Male. Broken Front Leg Needs Surgery TODAY. Help Needed.

Hi Robin,

I’d like to make a matching challenge of $ 500 for precious Baxter.  Let’s get him fixed up ASAP so he can live a long, happy life bringing joy to a lucky family!

Thanks so much! Tana


Next, also for $500.00, from Eileen Boehne at we have this challenge! Thank you Eileen and I’m praying that someone is able to match you!

On Aug 18, 2022, at 11:24 AM, Eileen Boehne <> wrote:

Hi Robin,

We need to save his leg and I thank you & the board for making the right decision. If I lived closer I would scoop him up in a heartbeat to foster him! I’d like to issue a matching challenge for $500 for Baxter.

Eileen Boehne


And next, from Loue Crabtree at, we have this matching challenge for $200.00. Thank you so much Lou! Is there anyone who can match Lou’s generous challenge?

From: Lou D. Crabtree <>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2022 12:05:16 PM
To: Robin Pressnall <>
Subject: Re: Hit By Car Medical Emergency. 2 Year Old Precious Male. Broken Front Leg Needs Surgery TODAY. Help Needed.


I will issue a challenge for $200 to help that boy get his badly needed surgery. When I saw those pleading eyes I could not turn away.  Former SPR Mom.
Lou Crabtree in North TX.
And next, from Deborah Berger at, we have this challenge for $100.00! Thank you Deborah!
On Aug 18, 2022, at 1:32 PM, normetski <> wrote:

Put me in for a $100.00 challenge❤️


 Lastly, from Sheila Angeles Ham at, we have this challenge for $20.00. Thank you Sheila! 
I would like to issue a $20 matching challenge for sweet Baxter. I know it’s not a lot but maybe 5 others will match us and we can give $100 for him.
Right now, we are about $4,750.00 short. Help is needed. All My Love, Robin


Thursday Morning August 18, 2022

Gem of the Day: “No Time For A Gem. We Have A Hit By Car Medical Emergency Smack Dab In The Middle Of August.”

Dear Small Pawsers,

We were contacted by CACC shelter in Chicago about a dog with a broken leg, in severe pain. You can see it in his eyes.

He had to go through a five day stray hold, waiting to see if owners would come for him. They did not. He had no I.D. The shelter vet put a pain patch on him, thank God. 

He may be a Bichon-a-Doodle. I don’t know. He has definitely met a Bichon. I only know that he has a broken leg and August is the most difficult month for all non-profits. It’s just a fact with so many people vacationing in August.

One of our volunteers, Lauren Throm, Elf’s Mom, picked him up and got him to over to VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove IL.

Our Board Certified surgeon, Dr, John Przywara, DVM, DACVS just told me this poor two year old’s humerous, basically, his upper arm/elbow, looks to have a clean but good sized break. It would NOT heal on it’s own.

This is more abut this type of injury. In young dogs it’s due to trauma like a HBC.

We have two choices, and I hope that our Board of Trustees and myself, have made the right one for this two year precious boy.

We could have chosen amputation, and because of the place of the break, it would have been $4500.00.

Or, for around $3000.00 more, we can save his leg.

I know it’s a lot of money. Veterinary costs are skyrocketing. I know that it’s August. People are away on vacation.

But this is a very young precious boy. Dr. John said he is a good dog, letting them handle him while he is in pain, trying to kiss them.

He can do this surgery this afternoon.

Can you help us to save this baby’s leg?

Because of Baxter’s body type and long legs, if anything were ever to happen to his good leg, as he gets older, it would be a real problem. He weighs 23 pounds. He needs both legs.

I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges. If you can help big, big help is needed. And I don’t think I’ve ever asked that before. All My Love, Robin  

What is a matching donation challenge?