Welcome to Small Paws® Rescue Inc.

Each breed has a rescue organization for their breed. Small Paws is the largest breed rescue in the country, with over 800 volunteers and over 6000 members in 26 countries.

Small Paws has rescued over 10,000 Bichons in the past 16 years from across the country.

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The 2016 Small Paws Rescue 
Holiday Online Auction Is Coming!! Donated Items Are Needed Now In Order for Donors to Get Them Mailed To The Winners In Time!

Our Holiday Auction Begins November 11, 2016 at 08:00 A.M. EST
and Ends: Dec 3, 2016 06:00 PM EST

"Happy Holidays Are Coming!"
(Photo by Sally Flynn)

Starting on November 11, 2016, Small Paws Rescue Inc. will be auctioning off a number of fun and unique items to bid on to raise money for our organization - and the more items we have the more money we can raise, so we're asking for your help.

Show your support by clicking on the "Donate Items" button to contribute to our catalog. 

Give a little and get a lot in return! 

Whether you have 1 item or 100 to contribute, your participation is an invaluable part of our fundraising efforts. By donating an item or service directly online, you'll be helping to raise money for our organization.

It can be anything! New or gently used clothing, Bichon Items, other breed items, vacations, Condo Rentals, etc. It can really be anything! 

View All Items!!!

We are ready to accept your items for donation. We and the Bichons thank you in advance!

We are in need of quality items to add to our Holiday Catalog! If you have anything from rare collectibles to home decor, Christmas Items, Jewelry or Doggie Items-now is the time to make your donations.

Use the "Donate Items" Button!! 

Show your support by clicking on the "Donate Items"button to contribute to our catalog of items. 

P.S. PLEASE do not send your items to anyone else, other than to the actual winners after the auction is over. At one of our last auction one donor sent hundreds of items to me, personally, at my home, a month after the auction had ended and people were waiting for their items as Christmas gifts. It took Dale and I several days to photograph, identify, wrap, box, take these items to the post office, and send some of them with expedited delivery, in order to get them there in time for gift giving. Our hope is that you, the item donor, can do these things for your items. This is the way our auctions are real fundraisers for the Bichons. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Small Paws® Rescue Was Featured
on "The Chicken Soup for the Soul Podcast" on March 25, 2016, It was an interview of how Small Paws Rescue was born, almost 18 years ago!

I was so honored to be asked to do this as a part of their "Friend's Friday" series, w
ith the owner of "Chicken Soup For The Soul", my friend, Amy Newmark. There are wonderful short interviews of daily encouragement.
 I hope you enjoy this interview!

See SPR on Fox & Friends in N.Y.C. Friday Morning, Dec. 18, 2015!

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How We got Started

I want to let those of you who do not know yet, know how we got started back in the Spring of 1998. WOW! How time flies!

At the time, the Co-Founder of Small Paws™ Rescue, Susan Sebring, and I, had first applied to join an existing Bichon rescue organization.

We both got a form letter back, telling us that rescue work took more than just a good heart and that at that time we were deemed to have been not suitable for rescue work. (Yes, that's what the letter really said...)

Though we were discouraged at first, we decided if we couldn't go to the mountain... we would move the mountain to us, and thus Small Paws™ Rescue was born.

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