Poppy Is Home With Her Foster Dad and Her Sister! God Gave Us Another Miracle! Pictures and Videos! (You Can Look)

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Wednesday Morning, July 27, 2022

Gem of the Day: “ Miracles are not something that we find or come across daily. It happens when nothing but divine help can remedy the situation. ~ Author Unknown~

Dear Small Pawsers,

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In over 24 years and thousands of saves from very critical intestinal injuries, I believe that THIS ONE is the most miraculous we have ever seen.

Don’t click on this link if you are weak of tummy. This is a graphic picture of Poppy at the ER, after she got her E-Collar off after being spayed, and clawed her intestines outside of her body. At first, we thought she had chewed them out, but one of her claws was found inside. 

It took a village of human beings to save her life.

The courageous Vet Tech who found Poppy in that state and was terrified at what she had found, But even in her fear, she scooped Poppy up and got her to an After Hours Care Hospital. Courage is when you do the right thing, even though you are terrified to do so. She showed true courage!

Then Dr, Paul Blaso, our main vet in Plainfield IL went to get Poppy, himself, and drove her to Auboretum View VCA in Downers Grove, IL.

Once there, Dr. Frank Bozelka, ER Specialist, got first eyes on our girl. He spoke to me numerous times throughout the night, till Sunday morning, giving me a step by step account of Poppy’s condition.

I was so grateful to learn that Dr. John Pryzwara, one of our great surgeons, was on call and he was coming in for Poppy for emergency surgery! After surgery, he told me that whenever he sees one of our dogs, he is so impressed with Small Paws. (That’s YOU!)

After surgery, Poppy had an outstanding Critical Care Specialist, Dr. Manhart. We spoke several times daily about her bloodwork, (Poppy’s, not Dr. Manhart’s) the amount of fluid still  being drained, her blood volume, and how she was getting ready to be discharged last night at 7:00 P.M.

I prayed that Poppy’s Story would touch the hearts of some of you who could afford to help with her vet bill.

And there you were.

Most of all I believe we had Divine intervention and we have just seen a living, breathing miracle.

Do You want to see some pictures?! Ok! Here we go!

Poppy on Monday, 48 hours post op.

Click below to see Poppy wag her tail at the Hospital, yesterday morning!


Poppy and Davis Rann, her Foster Dad. He also is fostering Blossom, Poppy’s littermate! They are a bonded pair! Davis is home all day and is working with Dr. Manford for post op care. Thank you Davis!

Click below her to see Poppy WALKING this morning in Davis’ back yard!


Poppy came home with a LOT of meds and equipment to help her heal!

Poppy is on a 24 hour puppy cam at Davis’ house as she heals. 

There is a lot to do for Poppy and Davis is doing a great job! Sara Rhodes has sent a recovery cage for her which is arriving tomorrow. Sara has also sent onesies for all of our surgery dogs in the Chicago area. Thank you Sara!

Poppy is eating, drinking, urinating and defecating on her own, after losing 12 inches of intestines. The staff at VCA said she is way ahead of schedule in healing. She will have her drainage tube removed today.

As I said above, I can’t think of a more critical internal organs on the outside, as in about to assume room temperature unless all of the wheels were turning at the exact right time, story than Poppy’s Story.

My heart is full to know that our God brought all of these things together, at the exact right time, and now we have a viable, getting better ever day, 9 month old puppy, who along with her sister, Blossom, will add love and joy to the hearts of human beings for many years to come.

And most of all, He sent you. $10.00 dollar donations came for Poppy. Sacrificial giving for Poppy. We have the best people of any organization, bar none, and I’m eternally thankful to all of you. All My Love, Robin


Sunday Afternoon, July 24, 2022

Dear Small Pawsers,

I spoke to the surgeon at 2:40 A.M. He had just finished Poppy’s surgery. She made it through the surgery and he said the next 24 hours will tell. She is in ICU in critical but stable condition.

They were having issues with her blood pressure going down during surgery, but they were using medication to keep it up and of course they have her on warming packs.    

We figured out that both she AND her sister, Blossom, are only 9 months old according to their teeth.  

I have another update! She was standing in her cage this morning! They carried her outside where she stood and urinated on her own!

They are going to tube feed her to get some protein into her.

Her blood volume went down, as did her blood pressure, right before surgery, so they gave her a transfusion. Her blood pressure has gone back to normal and so far so good!

She is at the VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove IL.

We are about a third of the way there of being able to pay her bill.

We have a phone in matching donation challenge for $1000.00 from Joan and Pat Borders at jpborders@aol.com, for Poppy. Is there anyone who feels led to match this challenge, bringing us $2000.00 closer to our goal for Poppy?

Many thanks to you who have already helped her. And if you can’t help financially, please pray that someone else can. The next 24 hours are critical, but she STOOD and urinated outside THIS MORNING!

We’ve seen the healing power of prayer do miraculous things over the past 24 years for both dogs and people.

We are asking God for another one for Poppy. For complete healing. For funds to pay for her surgery, and for she and her sister to be loved for the rest of their lives. In Jesus’ Name I’m asking these things for Poppy. Amen.


Late Saturday Night, July 23, 2022

Gem of the Day: No Time For A Gem. URGENT Medical Emergency for a 9 mos, old Bichon Mix.

9 mos. old “Poppy” was in the last newsletter with her sister, Blossom. Poppy is on the left with light grey ears.

Around 6 this evening, I got a phone call from an emergency care clinic that is located just a couple of blocks from our main vet office, which is Plainfield Veterinary Clinic.

Like thousands of other of our dogs, over the years, Poppy had been spayed and was wearing a thick plastic Elizabethan Collars, used to prevent dogs from chewing at their incisions.

The clinic had closed at 3 and Dr. Blaso had gone home. 

Somehow, and this has only happened to us twice in over 17,000 dogs and 24 years, Poppy was able to chew her collar off with her teeth.

One of the vet techs found her around 5:00. She called Dr. Blaso at home and he asked her to Facetime so he could see Poppy. Poppy was standing up and wagging her tail with her intestines outside of her body.

He instructed the vet tech to take her to the ER down the street, but this was beyond what they could really handle. We needed a Board Certified Surgeon if we had a chance to save her life. 

Dr. Paul Blaso, our main Chicago Vet for many years, drove there, picked her up himself and drove her to VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove IL.

Dr. Blaso called VCA ahead so that they could call in our great surgeon who happened to be on call, Dr. John Pryzywara DVM, DACVS. We call him Dr. John.

He’s the one who put our broken little “Thrown out of a car Elf” back together again and Elf is now living the life of Riley.

Dr. John has done many surgeries for Small Paws and I trust him, completely.

Dr. Bozelka, an Emergency Medicine Specialist, was the first to see Poppy when Dr. Blaso came in with her. He wrote this for all of you, regarding Poppy.

“Poppy was brought into the ER service in relatively stable but critical condition. Her spay incision has dehisced, (Editor’s Note: This means gaped or burst open) and some of her internal organs were outside of her abdomen. Her blood pressure and blood sugar were stable, but she was in a state of shock and cold. Upon arrival, the previous bandage was removed so the organs could be flushed, and a new sterile bandage was placed on before starting Poppy on supportive antibiotics and fluid therapy. Given the organs are no longer in her abdomen, immediate stabilization prior to surgical exploration was advised. We are worried that Poppy has cut come of her intestinal loops open with her nail while in her run, and she may need to have some of her small intestines removed. While complications such as those that Poppy is currently experiencing are certain something that animals can pass away from, we have seen plenty of dogs survive these same exact injuries with quick intervention and aggressive care. While we can make no guarantees, we do feel it is worth trying to stabilize and take Poppy to surgery so we may better assess what damage has been caused by this incident. If the damage is found to be irreparable, we would be able to make decisions about letting Poppy go while under anesthesia.”

We wouldn’t try to save her if three separate vets hadn’t felt she could be saved and could have a normal life. She’s only 9 months old. I hope this is what you would want us to do, to try to save her. I’ve always felt that you can always make more money, but you can never make more life.

In 24 years, we have never euthanized ANY dog due to a lack of funds.

I’ve been telling you about veterinary costs rising, like everything else. When I spoke to Dr. Bozelka, he told me that we are looking at around $12,000 to save her life. That is not including our rescue discount. The bill from the first emergency care clinic, to stabilize her, flush her wounds, wrap her wounds, and give her capped IV pain and antibiotics to travel, was $492.92.

There is no time for matching challenges tonight. If you are able to help, Poppy needs you.

They are getting ready to go into surgery now. Lord God, we need You.

I will give you all an update in the morning.

It’s going to be a long night. Please help us to get started with surgery. Robin