Personal Prayer Request. Urgent. It’s My Husband and Bichon Dad, Dale. It’s A Large Brain Tumor.


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Late Sunday Night, July 7, 2024

Isaiah 41:10

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have so much to be grateful for.

I’m so very grateful for each one of YOU.

And I’ve always told you, over the past 26 years, that I will praise Him in the valley, the same as I do on the mountain top.

Tonight, my family is going through a valley. The deepest one we’ve ever known.

But you know what? This didn’t take God by surprise.

And He’s right here, holding us in His Right Hand.

Many of you know us. You know Dale and me.

You’ve been to our home.

You’ve met Dale both in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we live, and in other states at Bichon Bashes.

He’s been my husband for almost 39 years.

He was there are the birth of Small Paws® Rescue back in 1998.

If there hadn’t been a “Dale”, there wouldn’t have been a Small Paws.

Dale has always been athletic. Despite being 79 years old, he has been an avid cyclist for 35 years.

Saturday afternoon he announced he was “going on a bike ride.”

The temperatures had cooled down here, and off he went.

Soon, it seemed like a lot of time had gone by and I was beginning to get concerned.

I was just about to call me him when he came out to the back porch.

He came up behind me and I heard him there. I asked him if he had a good ride?

He told me “No. I’m having a lung issue. I’m not breathing right.”

On the way to the ER he told me that he was about 5 miles out on the bike when his neck started hurting and no matter how hard he breathed, he wasn’t getting air.

Someone had picked he and his bike up and brought him home.

I called one of our dearest friends from our church, and asked her to please get this sent out through our prayer chains.

The first God Thing that happened was that the ER Doc made the call to get a head and lung CT.

They got us right back. We waited for 3 hours.

Dale told me to go home and feed the dogs and let them out. He was back to acting normal and was going to be going for tests. It was safe for me to go. He thought he would be coming home with me.

While I was gone, he was in the head CT and they didn’t go any further. They said they “found something.”

Back in his tiny ER room, the doctors were in the middle of telling Dale that he had a benign brain tumor and it’s large.

And he needed to be moved by ambulance to another hospital, where they have a Neuro Surgeon who specializes in removing brain “meningiomas.”

That’s when the second God Thing happened.

One of our Pastors from church, Brian White, walked into Dale’s ER room.

The reason this was significant, is that Brian had this exact same sort of brain tumor, a meningioma, 8 years ago, and he had it removed at the same hospital where they were sending Dale.

I got back in the room and Dale told me he had a brain tumor.

I was in shock, and then I broke down sobbing. I asked Brian not to leave us and he stayed until 1:30 in the morning, until we were checked in to the Adult ICU at the other hospital.

Brian’s tumor was the size of a golf ball.

Dale’s is unbelievably huge. It’s 7 Centimeters large.

The Neurological Surgeon told Dale today that since he’s in such good shape, and has nothing else wrong with him, and he has a good quality of life, this thing has to come out.

Wednesday, they will do an Angiogram in the Cath Lab to cut of the blood supply to the tumor.

Friday morning, as far as we know, they’re going in after it.

Today he had a Neuro CT and a Brain MRI.

They haven’t talked to us yet about what they learned.

I want to show you something so very personal, and yet, because I’ve always felt like we are family, I wanted to show you a quick video I took of Dale tonight.

He’s holding Reagan the Great, my Service Animal who can detect blood pressure spikes, both high and low..


I wanted to take a video of Dale and I talking to each other, in case he doesn’t remember me right away after surgery.


This is Dale and Your’s Truly. He’s the love of my life.

Please pray for Dale and for me. For the Doctors and nurses and for everyone who touches him during this time.

We also have some new dogs in rescue.

This is one of them. A Beeshey-poo we’ve named “Smudge”. He came from a shelter near Chicago and he’s coughing.

He has snaggle teeth that hang up on everything. They have to come out.

I won’t be able to raise money for these dogs like normal this week, but if you want to help us to help them while I’m away from the computer, see above for directions.

Our dog-sitters are here at the house while I’m up at the hospital so I won’t have to be running back and forth.

I love you all. Thank you for praying for my Husband.

All My Love, Robin


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Executive Director Since 1998

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