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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Dear Small Pawsers,

We’d like to get everybody involved!

Scroll down for the rules!

Your dog or dogs may be highlighted in a Small Paws Rescue Newsletter, if you choose the winning name!

Do you have a favorite name for a Bichon?

It can be a name you use now, or one you’ve thought about using!

As you know, we’ve named over 18,000 Bichons and Bichon mixes in the past 26 years.

Now, we need YOUR help to name our new LOGO!!

This is our brand new Logo and our brand new website!

Isn’t he or she cute?!

Bonnie Ferguson, our Director of Adoptions, and I, worked with our Design Team to get just the right logo for our new website!

We played with the shadowing, the face, lip color, star color and the collar.

When we finally “got” it, and he or she REALLY came to life, we just loved it!

We now own the full set of files for our logo.

We can use it on a bill board if we want to! Ha!

The only thing missing is…A NAME!

Please send just ONE email with your name and email address to

Please include the name that you think fits our new logo, and ONE PHOTO of your dog or dogs. If you like, you can be in it too!

(The photos do not have to be Bichons. If you are a supporter of Small Paws® Rescue, that’s more than enough!)

I know I’m asking for my e-mail box to light up. GO AHEAD AND LIGHT!

Next, if you’ve adopted from us, or volunteered for us, we’d love to print your review and a picture of either you or you and your dogs, on our new home page!

Here are some sample reviews that are there now!

Tammy Preast and David Campbell and Lily and Timbit.

“There’s no love like Bichon love. Small Paws Rescue has helped us fulfill that love by finding adult or senior Bichons to join our little family….over the years we’ve adopted 6 Bichons with Small Paws help. As young as 3 and as old as 11…our current Bichon kidlets were adopted at ages 6 and 9. They turned 11 and 12 this year. Every day they make our world complete and fill our hearts with joy. Lily and Timbit (and all those before them) have brought laughter and love to every person they meet. Our entire neighborhood knows & adores our Bichons!! Our lovely boy, Timbit, lost a leg to cancer this year, but it hasn’t slowed him down for a minute. Every day with a SP Bichon is truly a gift providing you with a lifetime of happy memories in one little fluffy body. We cannot thank Robin and Small Paws Rescue for sharing these precious souls with all of us lucky enough to welcome them into our lives.”

Sara Rhodes; Small Paws® Rescue Team Leader and Cruiser.

“Cruiser came into my life when I needed him. He was a blessing sent from Small Paws. He is smart, funny and so loving! He is my heart!”

So we need a name for our new logo puppy and we’d love to see your reviews!

Thank you all again, for supporting us, day in and day out for 26 years!

We love you all! Robin

 Florida Charity Registration # CH37698

Contact Robin Pressnall

Executive Director Since 1998

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3316 S 72nd West Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107


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