Tuesday Morning September 18, 2018

Gem of the Day: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

This is an update on our little Hobbit, currently at the Animal Care Center of Plainfield, a 24 hour Emergency Care Hospital in Plainfield Il

14411 S. Rt. 59
Plainfield, IL 60544
(815) 436-8387

7 year old “Hobbit” was found in a box with wounds to his hind quarters and legs. (Open wounds with live maggots crawling in them). His core body temperature was only 93. It is now up to 99.9 which is within normal range!

His glucose was down to almost zero when we brought him in and it too, is back in normal range.

He is probably going to need to stay at least one, possibly two more nights at the ER as he is having trouble keeping his temperature up. He chills easily. His infected wounds still need IV antibiotics as well.

After he gets out of the Emergency Hospital, as soon as he is well enough, his teeth must be cleaned and he is probably going to lose several of them. They are hand feeding him soft wet food as his teeth hurt too much for anything else. Then his normal vetting begins which runs about $1500.00 with quarantine and that in depth dental.

We have two matching challenges for little Hobbit.

First, from Linda Venezia at cam159227@aol.com we have this challenge for $200.00. Is there anyone who can match her so we can take care of little Hobbit?

<Robin- from me, Molly Marie and Anabelle Gia: A matching challenge of $200 for precious Hobbit!????
Linda Venezia>

And from the Sunshine State of Florida, we have this challenge from Deborah Berger at normetski@aol.com, and her Bichon, Boris Berger.

<Robin, please issue a $100.00 challenge for Hobbit. He needs all of us.


So that’s where we are. Saving one precious life at a time.

(It’s what YOU do best!)

All My Love, Robin


His testicles and hind quarters were infested with maggots. They are infected and inflamed. He is in pain.

He’s trying so hard. His blood glucose numbers were almost zero. Now they are up to 70. Maximum and minimum blood glucose levels, should ideally be between 100 and 250 mg/dL.

He seems to be saying “Thank You” to Julie for saving him.

For them to be able to work on him to get him stabilized, in ICU, he needs our help.

I can hardly stand it to come and ask you again for help, but this little guy just wasn’t in our plan when last we typed.

This is the estimate for the next 24 hours of care for Hobbitt for $703.15. 

(The vet told me she thinks he will need 48 hours of care but her computer only lets her give an estimate for 24 hours.)

So we are looking at about $1500.00 to try to pull him through.

From Sara Rhodes (Pace):

Sara Rhoades <pacess4@att.net> wrote:

Hi Robin
I am sending you a picture of a Bichon or a Bichon mix. He looks from the pic to be on the small side. He was found as a stray and someone left him in an open crate. He is urine stained, has severe flea dermatitis with open wounds on his legs, tail and buttocks, along with MAGGOTS crawling all over his wounds and bottom. Thank you for letting me put a hold on him and he is going to need vetting, labs, grooming, neuter, dental, quarantine, and God knows what else! Our rescue pups have been needing so much lately and costing so much ! We rarely get a rescue that hasn’t been neglected, abused, sick or malnourished. It is so sad.. some days I can barely stand it! Some days I ask my self, Sara, why do you keep doing this? All the sadness, heartbreak and anger at the people who did this to these poor babies. Well, I will tell you why I do, because if I don’t than who will? If we say, “oh someone else will do it” then what happens to these innocent souls? I have made a promise to help them, so they can find love, trust and a happy forever home . Yes, being a volunteer, foster, donor is what I am, through sad, heartbreaking and happy situations! I am a Small Paws Volunteer and thank God everyday that we have this organization!
Thanks you Robin for starting such an unbelievable rescue! You not only are my friend but have been my mentor! You take many dogs that many would not!
I just want to say that I feel so blessed to be a part of this great organization!
With Love Sara

I am here and will issue matching challenge donations for this precious little dog that looks like a cross between a Bichon and a bunny. Our precious little Hobbitt.

All My Love, Robin

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When I first saw this beautiful picture of Cheri Sisco’s “Humphrey”, I thought it was truly the epitome of what we do, and why we do it. I wanted to use this black and white picture of Humphrey, taken only days before his death due to congestive heart failure, to let those who may be new to Small Paws, know what we do and why we do it. Without Small Paws, Humphrey would have never known love. He would have died in a kill shelter, sick and alone. Because of Small Paws, and Cheri Sisco, he lived, he loved, and he smiled.

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