How Many Of You Would Be Interested In Attending A Multi-State Bichon Bash In Terra Haute, IN. On July 1, 2023?! Please Let Me Know!?/ Florida Bash Pictures!!

Dear Small Pawsers, 

As you know, this year, Small Paws® Rescue is celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

Well, one of our members, Mary Jo Barnett, in Terra Haute, Indiana, at, has offered to host a multi-state Bichon Bash for Small Paws® Rescue, on Saturday, July 1, 2023!

It would include Small Pawsers and their Bichons (and our dogs who have ever met a Bichon!), from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky! Everyone is invited from all states!

The average temperature there on that date is 84 degrees and Mary Jo has secured a beautiful covered pavilion, in a lovely park for us.

This is the beautiful city park we would be using, Deming Park!

We’re trying to see how many of you would be interested in coming to join us! If enough of you can come, there will also be a dinner the night before, June 30, 2023 for any early birds!

This is the flyer we would be using if we have enough interest!

Twenty Five Years of working together to rescue and save the lives of tens of thousands of fluffs is something to celebrate, indeed! Mary Jo is ready to roll up her sleeves and get started if we have enough interest. I think that we will!

Hop a boat, hop a train, even take an airplane. Put the fluffer kidlets in the family car!

Please let us know, even if you think you might just be a “Maybe”!  

On March 11, 2023, we had a great Bash in Pinellas Park, Florida! Below are some pictures!

Many thanks to our Florida Team Leader, Vickie Inglee and her amazing crew for arranging this great time together!

After 8 years, the Baton was passed and next year, Jackie Loftus will be heading up the Florida Bash! Thank you Jackie for so graciously accepting this labor of love!

Ok as promised, here are some pictures!

My Reagan, asleep on the plane from Tulsa to Florida, like he does this every day. He was a perfect traveler. Thank you all so much for praying him through his recent gall bladder removal and a corneal rupture and graft. He had a great time with all of the other Bichons!

 At the dinner the night before. 


Lucy hired a surprise Mariachi Band for Bill Adam’s Birthday!

Bill Adam has been with us from the start. Happy Birthday, Bill!

Anchor’s Away!

At the registration table.

Bill Adam and Your’s Truly at the Bash. Bill has rescued Bonnie and I from some adventuresome situations in New Jersey, New York, and Florida, over the years. The last time was when the GPS was wrong on the car and Bonnie and I found our car stuck in a sand bog, in the middle of no where, after midnight in Florida! Bill came right away and got us out. My HERO! We’ve been friends for a very long time. His Bichons, Billy Bob and Annie Do, lived to be 20 and 21 years old. Bill Adam is a great supporter of the work we do here at Small Paws® Rescue.

I can’t believe they gave me an award. I was dumbfounded. Really. Speechless.

So you can see the writing.

The Group!

Let us know if you would like to be a part of a multi-state Bash in Terra Haute, Indiana! Or if you would like to host a bash where you live! All My Love, Robin