Baby Chloey’s PDA Repair Was a Complete Success! Thank You All!

Monday Evening April 29, 2019

Baby Chloey came through her PDA heart murmur today with flying colors. Thanks to all of you who prayed or donated for helping to save her life! All My Love, Robin


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gem Of The Day: “A flower without a stem, is beauty waiting to die. A heart without love, is a tear waiting to cry.

— Octavio Paz~

See Vet Bills Paid by Small Paws Rescue for the first 23 days of April, 2019 coming to $24,897.11 which is an average of $1,082.48 per day.

As you know, 20 month old Baby Chloey has a PDA Heart Murmur that needs to be repaired to save her life.

The estimate is for between $3,810.80 and $4,228.00 after our 20% rescue discount is applied.

We have the following matching donation challenges for Baby Chloey’s heart.

First from Andra Heitzman at, we have this generous challenge for $500.00, Thank you so much Andrea and Steve. (Editor’s Note: Cameo was one of our Heart Murmur Babies and she lived a long healthy life with wonderful parents.)

What a sweetheart!! Cameo “told” me this baby needs help! 
I want to issue a matching challenge for  $500.00 for Chloey.


And from Dawn Bove at we have this wonderful challenge to save Chloey’s life. Thank you Dawn. I hope someone can match you for Baby Chloey.

Hi Robin: Boy when it rains it pours!! I will issue a challenge in the amount of $500.00.
Please let’s all step up to help these darling innocent fluffs. Isn’t that why we all became members.
As always sent with love,

And from my friend and a lover of all Bichons, Dr. Barbara Integlia, at, we have this message for you about baby Chloey. Thank you Dr. Integlia. So very much. Evie is now ten years old and is a normal healthy Bichon!Is there anyone who would like to match Dr.Integlia?

Hi Robin 
Hope you are well. 10 years ago Small Paws saved my Evie by repairing her heart 
murmur. Now she is an active 10 year old. Thank you for that. 
Now we must save this new baby.  Please accept my $200 donation challenge to help
This new baby. 
       Dr. Integlia and Evie

So that's where we are. We are just just starting to save a life. 

 I am here and will issue all matching donation challenges. 

All My Love, Robin


Wednesday Evening, April 24, 2019

Gem Of The Day: “One love, one heart, one destiny.” 
~Robert Marle~

See Vet Bills Paid by Small Paws Rescue for the first 23 days of April, 2019 coming to $24,897.11 which is an average of $1,082.48 per day.

Baby Chloey has a sick heart. She is only 20 weeks old.

After going several years without one, we now have another heart murmur baby.

For those of you who don’t know, we began a movement back in 1998 and through the years, of repairing over 100 PDA Heart Murmurs in Bichon Puppies.

It wasn’t that Bichons had more of this congenital condition than other breeds.

It was that there was a growing grass roots organization of caring Bichon lovers who were willing to help, to save one life at a time, called Small Paws Rescue! 

We first started out at Texas A&M and then moved to the Cardiologist who writes the journals on this topic.

It’s Dr. Thaibinh Nguyenba, DVM, Diplomate, ACVIM (Cardiology) at Medvet Columbus Ohio. 

Read about him and you will be impressed with everything about him.

This man is a very special and loving  man.

And, he loves our Bichons.

A PDA stands for Patent Ductus Arteriosus .

It means that Chloey was born with a hole in her heart that leaks blood. As she grows, her heart will leak more and more blood until she would eventually go into congestive heart failure and die, without this life saving procedure. This procedure involves going up through the femoral artery and inserting a plug, that Thaibinh, our cardiologist has patented, and releasing it into the hole. Then it forms a blood clot which becomes living tissue and the heart is repaired. The dog then has a normal heart with a normal life span!

See more about this amazing life saving surgery on our Animal Planet Episode.

One of our previous heart babies, Cassie Borders, is still with us at 18 years old! This is Cassie, today! She belongs to Pat and Joan Borders at We saved her life 18 years ago.

This is the estimate to save Baby Cassie’s  life. 

It’s for between $3,810.80 and $4,228.00 after the 20% rescue discount is applied. In fact, when we worked with Thaibinh on a segment for Animal Planet, he went to the powers that be and asked if in exchange for the publicity for their hospital, we could get a 20% rescue discount.

That had never been done at Medvet before.

Because of Small Paws and our Heart Murmur Baby Program, ALL 501C3 rescues, nationwide, now receive a 20% rescue discount working with ALL of the Medvets across the country. Thaibinh told me that we have helped so many more animals than just the Small Paws Bichons! 

Chloey has been tested, had an echocardiogram, blood tests, and more tests and she has been cleared for this life saving procedure this coming Monday morning, April 29, if we can raise the funding.

Our Ohio team Leader, Sharon King is on standby to take her if we can raise funds for her. I know this is a big ask but this little girl is going to give a lifetime of big love if we can do this together.

I feel 100% comfortable with the outcome as I have personally watched it several times. I’d let Thaibinh work on my heart if it needed it!

Do we have it in our hearts to fix this tiny broken one?

I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges for our newest Heart Murmur Baby, Baby Chloey.

All My Love, Robin