Two More Matching Donation Challenges For The October 10. Veterinary Update On Them. They Need Even More Help Than We Thought.


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Wednesday Morning, October 27, 2021

How to Become a Much Needed Small Paws Rescue Foster Parent!

We are still in need of Foster Homes for many of the “October 10 Dogs”. They will be ready to go on Monday. Can you please consider being a foster home for these little ones? This is most urgent! In Ohio, Michigan and the Chicago Area.

Gem of the Day: “Live. Laugh. Bark.” ~Unknown~

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have two matching donation challenges for the October Ten Rescues, which is good because their estimates are going to be about $3500.00 higher than first expected. 

See their pictures and medical updates below. It is one of the saddest groups we have ever gotten in, all at once.

First, from Janet Rawlings, we have this challenge for $200.00. Thank you Janet! 

“Subject: Matching donation
From: Janet Rawlings
To: Louie Bertolino
I’d like to issue a $200 donation challenge for poor sweet Lucia Looking at her sad forlorn picture just breaks my heart.
Janet Rawlings
And from Janet Bartos, we have this challenge for $300.00. Thank you again, Janet!”

“From: Janet Bartos <>
Date: 10/26/2021 1:28:35 PM
Subject: Re: Matching Challenge For $1000.00 for The October 10! Foster Homes Needed Now In Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. Remembering Tennessee Tommy and Alligator Annie.

So tragic!!  Please issue a matching challenge from me for $300 to be used however it is needed for these precious fluffs!  Just sooo sad…the situation in which many dogs find themselves & not of their own accord.  We must help them!

Thank you and all these wonderful dedicated volunteers!  Janet BARTOS”
SO I’ve spoken to our veterinarians and uh-boy. We have more problems then first thought by the shelters.
First of all though, we have some good news!
Remember little three year old Joey, from Dallas? He came in with what looked like a mass under his chin.
Well, it was what is called a “sterile abscess” which is great news!
It was filled with fluid which appeared after a dog bite. They can see the bite marks. And that’s sad because Joey is the most docile and friendly dog. 

Bite Wounds

“Bite wounds that plant infectious organisms deep into the tissue are the prime cause of abscesses in dogs. Dogs may also develop abscesses from being bitten or scratched by a miffed cat. These are commonly found in the head and neck region or near that tail but may appear anywhere on the body. Head and neck abscesses typically cause one side of the neck to swell.”

Look at that smile of pearly whites! He may be even younger than three. 
144 cc’s of fluid was drained and look what we have now! Here he is one the way to the vet from the shelter, with long time Small Pawser Molly Smith.
So they drained the fluid and some came back. This is normal. Each time they drain it, a little comes back until in a week, it will all be gone. It isn’t infected!
Next, I  heard from Dr. Paul Blasso at Plainfield Animal Clinic about our girls, Beatrice, Emma, Olivia, and Poppy.
They all four have mammary tumors. 
50% of mammary tumors in dogs are benign. Pray people pray! We are doing chest x-rays on all to make sure they don’t have metastasis to that area. That’s an added $500.00 for all.
Dr. Blasso thinks these are all adenomas (benign), but we won’t know for sure until we surgically remove them, with good margins, and send them off to pathology. Those surgeries are going to add about $2000.00 more for all four. They are:





Now three of them were strays on one street, and across town, Poppy was a stray. Yet they all have mammary tumors and really bad bacterial skin infections.

“Many species of bacteria normally reside on the skin of dogs without causing any signs. Infection develops when conditions create an environment where bacteria can proliferate. This could be a flea infestation, an allergic reaction, a wound, or an underlying disease that depletes the immune system.”
These skin treatments are consisting of steroids, antibiotics, oatmeal baths, and Fish Oil and Vitamin E treatments, multiple times daily, and will add an addition $1000.00 to the bill for the four of them.
Then, (yes, there’s more) They all have rotten teeth and there will be extractions. This is where the bill goes up. In these expensive dentals.
Two of them have nasty ear infections.
They are in pain and are being given pain meds.
Well, that’s the medical update. I wish it were better news. Help is still needed. All My Love, Robin


Dear Small Pawsers,

As you know we have just taken in TEN dogs all at once.

They are in varying stages of everything from starvation to masses, to abscesses, to dry eye, to skin infections, and the list goes on. Please see them below.

Vet bills for these ten are estimated at $13,700.00. We have raised almost half of that and we thank you!

We have only one matching donation challenge for The October Ten. 

What is a matching donation challenge? 

This one is from Mary Hurley, at, Chicago, and it’s a very generous matching challenge.

“The stories and pictures of these poor innocents is absolutely heartbreaking… Please issue a challenge for $1000.00.

I know that many of you aren’t able to match a challenge this large and we understand that.

If you can help, it is appreciated and if you can’t help, please pray that someone else can.

I believe that prayer is the most powerful tool we have on this earth. For those of you who have been with us a long time, some as long as 23 years, you have SEEN miracles happen with these precious dogs at Small Paws Rescue.

There are times when there is just no other explanation than a miracle from God… after thousands of us prayed.

Tennessee Tommy is Found!

Alligator Annie’s Story

I never want us to forget about the miracle, healing, power of prayer.

For over 23 years God has taken care of these dogs and this organization, and I know, like me, you are so very grateful!

I am here and will issue any other matching challenges that come in. All My Love, Robin


Dear Small Pawsers,

It has been a rough last few days here at Small Paws and I don’t say that lightly.

Team Leaders Sara Rhodes, Dawn Mead, Rae Steeb, and Sharon King have been working overtime in Chicago, Detroit, North Texas, and Ohio, respectively.

We have TEN count them, TEN new Small Paws dogs, and most of them are little train wrecks, needing expensive vetting, surgeries and treatments. Some will need specialists.  

First, near Dallas, Texas, this little one was in a shelter waiting for help.

Meet 3 year old “Joey”. His face tells it all. The red arrow points to a mass or swelling under his chin.

We got him to the vet on Saturday just before they closed. We’ll find out what this is, this week. Please pray for this poor baby.

He doesn’t feel a bit good. I’m estimating his vetting will be in the range of around $2000.00 for diagnostics, and more if a probably surgery is needed. He needs our help.

Next, let’s hop over to Detroit. Remember little Finley? Well, he came though his respiratory infection with flying colors thanks to your help. Thank you!

Finley is well!

Unfortunately, that same respiratory crud is making the rounds in the Detroit area.

On Friday, we needed to get two dogs out of a shelter there and we could not find a veterinarian who was accepting dogs, due to this respiratory illness going on. Twelve vets were contacted to no avail.

One of our vets was treating nine dogs with it and of course they weren’t accepting any new dogs.

The other vets cited a shortage of employees, in some situations, a shortage of vets.

If you’ve tried to get in for an appt. with your vet, you are aware of the long waits! Sometimes months for teeth cleaning!

It’s becoming a real issue, nationwide.

One of our Ohio volunteers, Jeri Shore, travelled all day Friday to Detroit, to get our two new babies and bring them back to Cleveland, Ohio to be vetted.

Wanna see them?

From Sara Rhodes, our Il. Team Leader:

On Oct 22, 2021, at 5:40 PM, Sara Rhoades <> wrote:

Here are Griffy, a little mix estimated at 1 year old and Bumper a 4 month old bichon. ( Note from Editor. They TOLD us he was a Bichon who was four months old. After his rescue, we found a Birthday listed of June 21, 2021. And it said he is a Labradoodle! If you stare at him his feet grow. We have a baby Labradoodle!) They both came from the Detriot, Michigan Animal Control! With a team effort we got them rescued, thanks to Jeri who drove several  hours one way to get them!! 
Meet one year old “Griffy”. He’s very sweet and tiny! We think he once met a Bichon.
Meet 4 month old Baby Bumper. After we got him we realized he is a LABRADOODLE and he’s going to be BIG! He weighs 14 pounds now!
The vet we are using in Cleveland, is giving us a 50% rescue discount by only charging for one of these two. They were both neutered at the shelter, and got most of their shots there. They don’t need their teeth cleaned due to their young ages.  Vetting for the two of them will be under $600.00. Yay!!
Then, we got in an owner surrender today, in Michigan, where the owners went into Assisted Living and are unable to care for 7 year old “Rider”. 
“Rider” was “over-loved” with human food, according to his vet. We will get him back into shape!
He also isn’t up to date on his vetting and will need a teeth cleaning. His vetting will probably run around $500.00 as he won’t need to be quarantined since he didn’t come from a shelter.
Next, let’s fly back over to the Chicago area.
We have SIX females there. We NEVER get six females! Three were found as strays and have multiple issues. Three of them obviously came from the same nightmare. 🙁
These three are estimated at seven years old. Prepare yourselves.
Meet “Beatrice”, estimated at 7 years old, heavy flea infestation. No cataracts. Needs dental. They did feel hard mammary tumors on 3rd and 4th. We will need to remove those. Not spayed. Her vetting will run around $2200.00.
Meet “Emma” an adult female at 7 lbs. heavy flea infestation- shaved, mucous discharge from eyes, (May be dry eye) drops instilled, Dr. Blasso will have to further assess on Monday. Needs dental . Extreem emaciation. Not spayed. She may need to see an optometrist.  Her vetting will be around $1800.00.
Meet Olivia. So far the shelter hasn’t diagnosed masses or dry eye, but just look at this poor dog. She is emaciated. She will need the works. Her estimate is for around $1800.00. 
Meet “Poppy”. I can’t even imagine how bad she felt, under all those mats.
But the shelter shaved her and look at Poppy now! Her vetting will run around $1600.00 if nothing else is wrong.
This next little girl really got to me.
This poor little girl looks totally defeated. She needed a beautiful name for the beautiful dog she will one day be. I named her “Lucia”. It means “light” in Latin. I will always remember Lucia and the way she looked upon intake. Bless her heart. Her vetting will be around $1600.00.
Meet “Belle” from a shelter near Chicago. I know she doesn’t look real, but she is. She was microchipped and the owners were contacted three times and left her there for several weeks. Her Birthday is 2/18/13 so she is eight years old. Her vetting will run around $1600.00.
So adding all of this up, we are estimating vet bills for these ten at $13,700.00. I can’t believe we need to raise $13,700.00.
Is anyone out there who has been blessed enough to help us to help these ten dogs? 
We have one Matching Donation Challenge to issue, now.
It’s from Deborah Berger. Please pray for her family.
<> wrote:

I’ll issue a $200 challenge in honor of my 2 sisters.  One is a breast cancer survivor the other sister has stage 4 ovarian which has metastasized.  If you can help please do so! Deborah

I’m here and will issue all matching challenge donations. This is the biggest rescue we’ve done in some time, and they all are busted. (Well, all except for the one whose 4 months old and his feet grow before your very eyes. So far, Bumper isn’t busted.)

I try to imagine my precious Bichons, being in conditions like those and it’s to painful to think about.
These dogs don’t know how to help themselves.
They don’t know what it means to pay a veterinarian.
They only know that they hurt and don’t feel good. The three girls from Chicago were literally starving to DEATH, on the streets. Police reports of criminal neglect were filed.
There must be a reason we have them. There must be a reason.
I think they found their ways to our door, so that we can get them healthy. So they can be adopted into a real home with real love. So they can make a difference in the lives of human beings, some of whom may not have much love in their lives, or maybe they lost a loved one and are alone now.
There is a reason God has entrusted these ten to us.
I am here and will issue all matching donation challenges. All My Love, Robin

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How to Become a Much Needed Small Paws Rescue Foster Parent!

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