Murphy Roger’s Parents Are Issuing a $500.00 Matching Donation Challenge For Our Little Murphy With Parvo. Update From Dallas. Please Read From Robin.

  This is one year old Murphy. He tested positive for Parvo at a Dallas area shelter.

We have a very special matching donation challenge for $500.00 for him.

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Late Wednesday Night, November 2, 2022

Gem of the Day: ““When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” 
Author Unknown

Dear Small Pawsers,

As you know, one year old Murphy is in the Emergency Animal Hospital of Colin County in Plano, TX.

He tested positive for Parvo Virus at a Dallas TX. shelter.

The estimate for 48 hours of treatment is for between $2,750.95 →$3,527.88.

I just got an update from the ER that Murphy had stopped vomiting and there was no more diarrhea.

He hasn’t eaten for them yet but he appears to be more comfortable and is moving around more. All good news.

Deneen  and Murphy Rogers. Read their poignant and touching story, below.

So many of you have told me that it touched your hearts, this evening.

I wanted to get this out to you as soon as possible, tonight.

We just received an amazing matching donation challenge from Deneen Rogers, and her husband at

What is a matching donation challenge?

These folks are Murphy Roger’s parents. Their Murphy, the love of their lives, recently passed and they are grieving so hard. Yet they still want to help our new little Murphy, who is fighting Parvo virus, in an ER near Dallas.

I just got this from them. This Challenge is made is their beloved Murphey’s name.

My husband and I would like to issue a matching challenge for $500 in our Murphy’s name to help the Murphy in Texas. Whatever works best and helps the most.
Thank you. 

I have to tell you, this is the very last thing I expected from folks who are so broken hearted.

May God bless them. And we all thank them.

Is there anyone who can match them?

We have raised $1500.00 so far for little Murphy who is fighting parvo, tonight. 

We still have two challenges for $100.00 each, below.

I can’t tell you how Murphy Roger’s story has touched me for years, but none more than tonight.

All My Love, Robin


First, from the Sunshine State of Florida, we have this challenge for $100.00 from Deborah Berger at Thank you Deborah for helping Murphy. Is there anyone who can match Deborah?

“Put me in for $100.00 challenge ❤️

Sent from my iPhone”
From my Sister Friend in OKC, Barbe Von Netzer, we have this challenge for $100.00 for little Murphy. Thank you Barbe! I hope someone can match you soon.

On Nov 2, 2022, at 4:28 PM, RANDY VON NETZER <> wrote:

I’ll issue a matching donation of $100 Robin. Let’s get this little guy well and find him a wonderful home. Love Barbe 

Sent from my iPhone>

So, with as many Bichons and white fluffies as we have placed in the past 24 1/2 years, there really isn’t a day that we don’t hear of a loss. 

With permission, I want to share one of those letters with you.

Because of YOU, Murphy Rogers was rescued by Small Paws Rescue and lived his best life with Deneen McKiernan-Rogers & her family.

There are a couple of reasons that I want to share this with all of you.

One reason is this.

Several years ago, in 2016, Murphy was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma, a disease I knew all too well when I lost one of the loves of my life to it, back in 1998. 

Deneen wrote to me and asked my advice on whether or not I thought they should try chemo.

Veterinary Medicine has come so far with chemotherapy for dogs.

Dale and I got 13 extra months with our precious boy, Nicholas. He didn’t lose his hair and he really wasn’t sick until the very last day.

So, I told her that if it was me, I’d go for it.

With chemo, Murphy passed his FIVE YEAR cancer survival anniversary from Canine Lymphoma, in January of 2022!

I got this email, shared with permission, from Murphy’s Mom, Deneen Rogers,  yesterday.

On Nov 1, 2022, at 3:16 PM, Deneen Rogers <> wrote:

Dear Robin,

I am writing to tell you that we have lost our very beloved Murphy.  We are heartbroken beyond words.  

Since my last email to you, after he tore his CCL (ACL) back at the end of February, he did ok with the brace for a while.  I don’t think it ever really healed completely.  In June he got very sick with some sort of bacterial infection (they thought).  He was on several medications.  He seemed to get better and then he got it again.  So another round of medications.  In the meantime, he was taking a medication for his leg tear that was possibly causing blood in his stool.  We tried a different type of medication and he did not respond well to it.  We ended up putting him back on the original med.  As time went on over August and September, he had several bouts of some illness that was causing him diarrhea and not eating well.   We were hopeful that he would get better with meds etc.  He did somewhat but by October, he had a lot going on.  He was experiencing a type of dementia as well as the coughing from his trachea issue.  The vet also thinks he had kidney disease.  He stopped liking his walks and slept most of the day.  He also at the end, would not eat and getting him to drink was difficult.

We decided that it wasn’t fair to him.  The vet said they only thing they could do was more evasive testing which we didn’t feel his little body could withstand.  We said goodbye to him on October 27.  We held him and cried as he left us and crossed the rainbow bridge.  We are so crushed.  He was absolutely everything to us.  He will forever have a piece of our hearts.  We took him with us everywhere we could and have so many wonderful pictures and memories of him.  But, it’s not the same.  I have gotten a couple of really amazing “signs” from him the last two days and it helps me a lot.  He was so loved and he gave so much love to us!  His heart was pure gold.  

We are grieving and our hearts are shattered, but I just wanted to thank you again for letting us bring him into our home and give him the best life we could.  We are forever grateful for you and Small Paws Rescue for blessing us with the most amazing little boy.  It was the best 10 1/2 years of our lives.   Please see just a couple of our most favorite photos of our beloved Murphy below.


Deneen McKiernan-Rogers & Family>

I think that you all know that I answer each and every e-mail that we get, here are Small Paws.

I try to show my sympathy and heartache with each loss, as I did with Deneen, yesterday.

But this morning, something more came flowing out of me, and I sent it to Deneen, about her precious Murphy boy.

You are welcome to share this as well, if you think it will help to heal a broken heart over the kind of pain, that most of us know, all to well, by now.

<“Loss and Joy” by Robin Pressnall November 02, 2022

Dear Deneen,

There will never be another love like you had for Murphy, but, and please trust me on this, at 65, I’ve been at it for quite a while now.

There will be a new, different kind of love that will sweep you off of your feet, at a time when you least suspect it.

And even though that new kind of love won’t be the same as the one that you and Murphy shared, it will be a love that you will defend to the hilt.

It will be a love that you will find yourself thinking “I know how very much I still love Murphy, and this is so different, and yet it ‘had me at hello’.”

You’ll grow to feel this new love so strongly, to the point where you didn’t even think it was possible, to feel anything remotely like this, ever again.

But there is a catch.

You’ll need to decide to open your heart again.

When the time is right, you’ll know.

You have to realize that because they only live a certain amount of years, the probability is that you will outlive them.

You’ll need to ask yourself “Is the pain worth the deep and immense joy that they gave you all those years?” You know that it is.

And I think Murphy is looking down on you, from Heaven, where I know that he is, (Revelation 5: 13) telling you what a great home that you gave to him.

He would ask you to give a home to another one of his kind.

And there will come a day that you can be with Murphy again.

I believe that with all my heart and soul.

Until that time, take care of yourself.

He would not want you to grieve too long. You know how very much they can pick up on our feelings.

Even though Murphy isn’t in the same physical space that you are, right now, the love that you two shared is eternal.

One of the signs that it’s getting close to be the time for you to reach out to another love, is that you will begin to feel thankful for the time that you two shared, instead of heartbreak for what you’ve lost.

And for those friends or family that just don’t understand and tell you that “it was just a dog”, pray for them.

They weren’t chosen by God to get to share one of the deepest and happiest kinds of love, so of course they would have no way of understanding it.

But you were chosen to get to have that special kind of love.

I know, because I was too.

And what could possibly be better than that?”

Deneen answered when I asker her permission to share this with thousands of you. 


I keep reading and re-reading this last message from you.  It is very comforting to me.  I do believe that we will get to the point of being ready to share our love again with a new fur baby.  I know it will be different than the love I will always have for Murphy.  But it will be a great love again.  I look forward to that day.  

I know Murphy and I will meet again some day, I believe that with everything in me.  I also believe that he has sent me two very obvious signs over the last few days that he is okay now.  He can hear, he can eat and run and play and he has no pain.  I am very grateful for that.

Your words to me and the beautiful way in which you are helping us to honor Murph by naming the new boy Murphy, has filled my heart with love and peace.  Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, but thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Our prayers are with the Murphy in Dallas that he will get well quickly and eventually be sent to a wonderful furever home where he will be showered with love and affection for the rest of his life!

Gratefully yours, Deneen 

And that’s why I named our new baby boy, “Murphy”.

All my love, Robin

Deneen  and Murphy Rogers


Our Texas Team Leader, Michelle Morgan, found this little guy online at a shelter near Dallas TX., this morning. 

We tagged him, picked him up and have named him “Murphy”.

He has a microchip that goes no where, but we have him listed as being one year and a month old.

SPR Charter Member of 24 1/2 years, Vicki Taylor, went to get him and just drove him to the Emergency Animal Hospital of Colin County in Plano, TX.

Parvo Virus can be deadly if not treated early. I spoke to the attending ER veterinarian, who felt that since the shelter started treating him yesterday with IV fluids and meds, we may have caught it early enough.

One the way to the ER, Vicki said he was able to stand up and look out the window, so that’s a good sign.


Here he is at the hospital. His ER vet said he was in a bad body condition, before the parvo. She said he is really thin and his coat is in poor condition.

He just doesn’t feel a bit good and his stomach is hurting. The estimate for 48 hours of care, including our rescue discount, is for between $2,750.95 →$3,527.88.

Help is needed now to help Baby Murphy to pull through parvo. I believe we got it in time, and now he needs treatment.

Also, please remember our Holiday Online Auction, is going on now, to help these Bichons.

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I’m here and will issue Matching Donation Challenges for little Murphy. All 8 pounds of him, soaking wet and holding a bar of soap.

What is a matching donation challenge?

All My Love, Robin