Medical Emergency For Precious 1 Year Old Bichon With Parvo. At Dallas TX. ER Hospital Now. Help Is Needed./ Holiday Online Auction

     Meet 1 year old Murphy, from a shelter near Dallas. He tested positive for Parvo and we have just gotten him to an ER.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Gem of the Day: “No Time For A Gem. We have another medical emergency.”

Dear Small Pawsers,

Our Texas Team Leader, Michelle Morgan, found this little guy online at a shelter near Dallas TX., this morning. 

We tagged him, picked him up and have named him “Murphy”.

He has a microchip that goes no where, but we have him listed as being one year and a month old.

SPR Charter Member of 24 1/2 years, Vicki Taylor, went to get him and just drove him to the Emergency Animal Hospital of Colin County in Plano, TX.

Parvo Virus can be deadly if not treated early. I spoke to the attending ER veterinarian, who felt that since the shelter started treating him yesterday with IV fluids and meds, we may have caught it early enough.

One the way to the ER, Vicki said he was able to stand up and look out the window, so that’s a good sign.


Here he is at the hospital. His ER vet said he was in a bad body condition, before the parvo. She said he is really thin and his coat is in poor condition.

He just doesn’t feel a bit good and his stomach is hurting. The estimate for 48 hours of care, including our rescue discount, is for between $2,750.95 →$3,527.88.

Help is needed now to help Baby Murphy to pull through parvo. I believe we got it in time, and now he needs treatment.

Also, please remember our Holiday Online Auction, is going on now, to help these Bichons.

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All My Love, Robin