Monday Morning August 28, 2006

Gem of the Day: When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don't pray, they don't.
~William Temple~

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If you missed our last newsletter, here it is.

This is an urgent Stop, Drop and Pray Request for little Irving from Irving.

This is the picture that the Irving Texas Shelter had on their site.

Irving from Irving, Tx. He had been shaven down except for his head. He also appeared to have a urinary tract problem as he drips. He is VERY skinny. He was scared and shaking like a leaf.

And this is what he looked like when we picked him up from that shelter on Saturday, and it was like pulling teeth to get them to release him to us. They had marked him as healthy, and ready to be adopted.:(

Irving from Irving is nothing but skin and bones and is carrying around two HUGE bladder stones. No wonder he was dripping urine and shaking from pain. I asked if our volunteers were 100% sure this is the same dog in the first picture, and they assured me that they are 100% sure that it is.:(

To read about the whole unbelievable story of Irving from Irving, click here.

He's been in our vet's ICU all weekend, and we just got this from Marilyn Brewster, our North Texas CO Team Leader.

Marilyn N. Brewster
Subj: Update on Irving
Date: 8/28/2006 8:26:33 AM Central Standard Time

Hi Robin and Bonnie,

I just spoke with my vet to get an update on Irving. They're very concerned about his condition because he refuses to eat. Also, his bloodwork has worsened -- his proteins are low and he may need plasma. There's no way they can operate on the stones until his condition improves significantly.

Set the prayer warriors in motion!!

Marilyn N. Brewster

Subj: RE: Irving is in ICU. PLease read. Good Samaritans for Buttercup issue challe...
Date: 8/28/2006 10:01:32 AM Central Standard Time

Irving was trying to take a turn for the worse at 8:00 this morning (see my previous email), so they're working on him as I type this. Dr. Lott is supposed to call me back within the next 30 minutes (it's 10:00 now) to tell me what's going on. I'm also going to meet Don there at 12:00 noon, and I'm going to remind Irving that since his new last name is Small Paws he's not allowed to croak! I'm so worried about the little guy I can barely stand it!>

Please stop drop and pray for this baby who is so sick. I can't imagine what the shelter was thinking or what the veterinarian was thinking, but I assure you, Irving's is the bark that is going to be heard around the world

This story is going out to the media, and hopefully everyone else who has ever loved a dog.

Next, please pray for our little lost Foster Bichon in Ohio!

Subj: Ohio Lost Dog Update
Date: 8/27/2006 10:02:30 AM Central Standard Time

As we prepared to set up live traps last evening (we purchased 2) the man from Animal Control said that he would come out and set a couple up. We expected him within the hour but after about 6 hours and a few phone calls we learned that he wouldn't make it out last night. Julia went ahead and set out one trap...which ended up being sprung but the food wasn't eaten. It rained most of the night, so I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. The Animal Control man said he would be out at 8 this morning.

At little after 8 he showed up and set out 2 more traps and searched the perimeters of the area pretty extensively. We now have 4 traps out there. One is large enough for a German The man also contacted the police and ask if they would fly over with their infrared helicopter :) :). They are going to try but they don't know if it will pick up something that small....we can always HOPE...and ....PRAY. He is going to contact us when they are going to do this so that as many as possible can be there should they spot her.


<Subj: It's a wild, wild ride, hold your hats!!
Date: 8/27/2006 2:18:14 PM Central Standard Time

I feel as though a tornado is sweeping over Ohio sucking up little
white fluffs and depositing them on our doorstep! Remember the scene in
the Wizard of Oz with everything swirling around? That's how it's been
around here! First let me ask you to concentrate your positive thoughts
and prayers on Summer Simone today as we narrow in on her. Yesterday a
man found her with her leash caught in a field. He gave her water, got
the leash off, and let her walk away, afraid she would bite if he
grabbed her. At least the search has been focused on a specific area
not far from the foster mom's home. With the help of animal control,
four live animal traps have been set. Now if only Summer will take the
bait!! Julia the first time foster mom, Sharon, and several volunteers
are nearing exhaustion. We need to catch this baby!>

You can pray anywhere you are. Please pray for these two Bichons. Where two or more are gathered together, All My Love, Robin

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