Updated Newsletter From Monday With Corrected Links! (Hello Small Pawsers! New Rescue Stories and Pictures! Yes, We Are Still Rescuing Bichons!!)

Wednesday Morning, May 20, 2020.

(This is an updated newsletter, originally sent last Monday Evening, May 18, 2020. I had some trouble getting some of the links to work. They are repaired now so you may see all of the pictures and videos is you like!)  

(If you are able and ONLY if you are able, please scroll down to see how to help with our vet bills. If you can’t help right now, we understand! Take care of you and your own dogs! Sit back and see how you’ve helped several Bichons.)

Quote of the Day: “Hope is a renewable option; If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.” ~Barbara Kingsolver, Novelist~

A lady in a North Texas neighborhood found a little male neutered Bichon and she couldn’t find the owner. She tried everything. And her own dog was trying to hurt him, so she reached out to us. We took him in and due to the toilet paper shortage at the time, we named him “Charmin”. (Even if everyone else was running short, we had Charmin.)

Our North Texas Team Leader, Rae Steeb, found a foster home for him with Small Paws Charter Member of 22 years, Ardys Adams. After a few days we were able to reunite the little guy with his Mom and he was so happy to see her.  Seeee??!!

“Bentley” says THANK YOU!

Hello Small Pawsers!

Well, the days go by, one after the other, and yet, they all seem the same. What time is it? What day is it? Are we there yet??

I’m hearing this from many of you, too.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if we aren’t feeling a bit stressed, there’s probably something wrong with us. (I know there’s something wrong with me, but most of you have known that for the past 22 years. No comments needed.)

So on we go.

And that’s exactly what Small Paws Rescue is doing.

While the numbers of adoptable pets has dwindled in shelters all across the country, rescue groups are no different.

Though things are slower, we are continuing to rescue Bichons and Bichon mixes.

Want some GREAT news?!

Ten year olds “Amita and Milo” are getting ready to leave the vet clinic and go for a ride to their new Small Paws foster home!

Click here to see a quick phone video of Milo and Amita getting ready to go home to Foster Care. It’s not super clear but you can see they are happy!

We got an owner surrender for a ten year old female from someone who said they didn’t want her anymore. After closer investigation (You know I’m like a dog with a bone!) we learned there was a male, as well, and they had been together all of their lives!

Yes, we got the male too! So, we’ve take in two ten year olds, a very bonded pair under the direction of our wonderful Florida Team Leader, Vickie Inglee!

When their previous owners DID have them, I guess they just weren’t able to take care of them. They were both in horrible condition with horrible mouths.

Their vet bill was over $2000.00.

Each lost most of their teeth and Milo, the little male, also has a bladder full of stones.

He has to heal from being neutered, loosing almost all of his teeth, and having a fatty tumor removed, first, before we can remove these stones.

The vet bills just for these two will probably run close to $3800.00.

But we have them now and they are happy, safe and together!

Next, earlier, in April, we got a very disturbing case in, BUT SHE’S OK NOW!

Sara Rhodes, our really phenomenal Team Leader to Illinois, was contacted by the CACC shelter in Chicago about a medical abuse case for a little 4 year old female. They thought she may have been a Bichon Havanese mix.

No mater what she was, man, monkey or mouse, she needed us. We wouldn’t know for a few hours just how badly she needed us.

Since we had to put her in the witness protection program, we changed her name to “Emmie”.

A “relative of the owner” had brought Emmie into the shelter because she was unable to walk on her left front leg. See how she is holding it up?

l knew. Don’t ask me how I knew, but I knew she needed to be taken to an emergency hospital ASAP.

We picked her up and took her to Premier Animal Hospital where the news was unbelievable.

See the band of something around the bottom of her left leg?

That band is a mat. The mat had grown so tight that it had cut off the circulation to her leg  and it had eaten her bone to the point that when they sedated her and removed the mat, the bone just disintegrated. 

I can’t show you the rest of the pictures but if you would like to see them and are strong of tummy, click here. WARNING. THINK BEFORE YOU LOOK. FINAL WARNING.

We had to do an emergency amputation of her leg, that very night. There was no bone left to save. 

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that she felt better the very next day than she had when we got her!

They had to shave off her mats, so she is quite naked, but she is such a happy little one and her Foster Mom is going to be adopting her!

As soon as she is recovered from the amputation, she will be spayed and she will need a dental. But look at her now!

See Emmie play with a toy on this short video!

Home, with our Foster parent’s boys who love Emmie, so much!

She seems pretty happy to me!

The tail is UP and WAGGING!

I think the boys dressed her! She doesn’t miss that leg at all!

I’d say Emmie has made it HOME!

All in all, Emmie’s vet bill will be around $2800.00.

Then I want to show you some pictures of an adoption we did recently.

I dunno. Think they are a bonded pair?

I remember this rescue particularly because both dogs were in Texas shelter and the shelter had SEPARATED THEM! (That’s a sin, like killing a mockingbird.)

We got them both and I named them Ben and Jerry. Those are names that will ALWAYS go together! Both boys are loving life and each other. Their Mom says they have made her so very happy!

Lastly, I want to tell you about little Millie.

Millie was in a shelter.

They told us she was a young dog but I could tell that wasn’t the case. But we rescued Millie that day from unbearable pain.

Millie had so many issues.

First, she was strong heartworm positive. The worms had infiltrated her heart and caused a murmur.

Her heart was so enlarged it was trying to grow out of her chest with no place to go.

She was having trouble breathing.

Then the vet looked into her mouth and saw abscesses that were filled with pus. She had teeth that were hanging by open roots. She was in pain.

Under normal circumstances, we would have done an emergency dental.

But, the vet said her heart wouldn’t survive the anesthesia.

Then the vet saw that she was bleeding internally. She did an ultrasound of her uterus and it was filled with cancerous tumors.

She was bleeding so badly that she was going to need a transfusion by nightfall, and the vet said she wouldn’t survive, even  it if we could find someone who would attempt it in her weakened state.

That is the reason someone dropped her off at the shelter.

Our vet wrote a letter to our Board, saying that she knows us, and that we will do anything possible to save one, but that this little one was suffering terribly and could not be saved. She recommended humane euthanasia. 

But you know what? We rescued little Millie that day just as surely as we rescued Charmin, Amita and Milo, Emmie, and Ben and Jerry.

I know where Millie is, today. She prancing on streets of pure gold with my Jesus. And she’s thanking all of you for rescuing her. 

I know we are in the middle of pandemic.

I’m not going to be issuing matching challenges during this time.

IF you are able and ONLY IF you are able, this is how you may help.

We thank you in advance.

Please stay safe!

Most Sincerely and With All of My Love, Robin

Since March, we have paid $31,933.12 in vet bills.

See Vet Bills Paid for March of 2020 Coming to a Total of $16,481.17, an average of $610.43 Per Day.

See Vet Bills Paid by Small Paws Rescue for April of 2020 coming to a total of $12,399.09, an average of $442.82 per day.

See vet bills paid by Small Paws Rescue for the first 19 days of May, 2020, coming to a total of $3052.86 which is an average of $160.67 per day



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Humphrey Sisco

Dec 26, 1993~ Aug 30, 2006 Pet Loss Link

When I first saw this beautiful picture of Cheri Sisco’s “Humphrey”, I thought it was truly the epitome of what we do, and why we do it. I wanted to use this black and white picture of Humphrey, taken only days before his death due to congestive heart failure, to let those who may be new to Small Paws, know what we do and why we do it. Without Small Paws, Humphrey would have never known love. He would have died in a kill shelter, sick and alone. Because of Small Paws, and Cheri Sisco, he lived, he loved, and he smiled.

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