911 Medical Emergency. 7 mos. Old Bichon Puppy At ER In Dallas With Parvo. Help Needed Now. $500 Matching Challenge!

We rescued 7 Month Old “Dickens” from The Garland Texas Shelter around noon today. He has tested positive for PARVO and is now at Medvet Dallas 24/7 Emergency and Critical Care Hospital.

 The Estimate to save his life is for between $5000.00 -$7000.00. HE IS A BABY. Help is needed.

We have a Matching Donation Challenge for $500.00 to help him get started. Please see more pictures below.


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Friday, March 3, 2021

Gem of the Day: No Time For A Gem. We Have A Medical Emergency,

Dear Small Pawsers,

I’m going to be quick. We need to raise funds for a life or death emergency.

You know that we don’t ask unless we need help.

This morning our Texas Team Leader, Michelle Morgan, was told of a 7 month old Bichon who was recently adopted from the Garland, Texas Shelter on February 28.

The owners brought him back in two days because he was acting sick.

Yesterday, he tested positive for PARVO and they contacted Small Paws.

I named him Baby Dickens.

Mid-mornings, long time Small Paws volunteer, Carol Taylor, drove to pick him up from the shelter and rushed him to the ER. I just spoke to the Emergency Vet who is taking care of him.

This is Dr. Reagan Vadell. She estimates him at 7 months old. She feels that we have caught this in time.

They have sent me an estimate for three days of care. The estimate to save his life is for between $5000.00 -$7000.00.

Veterinary costs have gone up just like everything else. But life is still life.

What is Parvo?

Canine parvovirus

“No specific drug is available that will kill the virus in infected dogs, and treatment is intended to support the dog’s body systems until the dog’s immune system can fight off the viral infection. Treatment should be started immediately and consists primarily of intensive care efforts to combat dehydration by replacing electrolyte, protein and fluid losses, controlling vomiting and diarrhea, and preventing secondary infections. Sick dogs should be kept warm and receive good nursing care. When a dog develops parvo, treatment can be very expensive, and the dog may die despite aggressive treatment. Early recognition and aggressive treatment are very important in successful outcomes. With proper treatment, survival rates can approach 90%.

Treatment will include 24 hour ICU Care, IV Fluid Therapy, Intra-Nasal Tube Therapy, Electrolyte Therapy, Central Line, etc. It takes a lot of support to pull one through Parvo.

I was talking on the phone to Small Pawser, Janet Bartos, when we learned that we were getting Dickens.

Janet Bartos at jpbartos@sbcglobal.net has issued a matching challenge for $500.00. What Is A Matching Donation Challenge?

Is there anyone who is blessed enough to match Janet for Baby Dickens?

Carol Taylor is a vet tech and had eyes on him. She said he is lethargic. He needs emergency care now to survive.

He does not feel one bit good.

I am here and will issue all matching donation challenges for little Dickens. We have pulled many Parvo Puppies through. I can’t remember one we’ve lost because we pull out all of the stops with 24 hour care at a Specialty Emergency Hospital.

But after that, we have a Bichon who can give and receive love for a lifetime. Please help us to do that for Dickens.

All My Love, Robin