Lost Foster Dog Instructions

In case your foster dog or newly adopted dog should become lost, please call me at

918-638-5854 first, and then call your Team Leader. Then contact your local shelters and tell them about the reward. These are the things to put into place after those things. First and foremost, PRAY!

1. Call any Emergency Vet Hospitals and give the info below. Tell them we will treat our dog if he’s injured. 

2. Notify your Homeowners Association by Email.

3.  Get ten large poster boards. In black Magic Marker put in big print these words:


$500.00 Reward. 

Small White Curly Dog. 

Looks like a poodle. 

Your Cell number

3. Make handouts with the same info. 

4. Call the Police and report the dog as stolen unless you know how he got out. Tell them there is a reward. 

5. Go by the local Fire Station and give a flyer to them. Tell them about the reward. 

6. As soon as you can, put the same info in your local newspaper under LOST DOGS. 

7. Put the same info on all lost dog pages, online. 

8. As soon as they are open, notify local vet’s with the information in case he/she is brought in. 

9. Locate all local Groomers. Take a flyer for them to put up in case someone finds him and wants to try to keep him. 

10. Walk your area with your dogs on leashes. He will smell them if nearby. 

11. Leave food and water on your porch. Something that would attract him. He may come home.