From Robin: We’re Trying Hard To Save The Life Of A 2 Year Old Little One in North Texas. Help Needed Now.

Meet two year old “Callie”. She was found as a stray near Dallas Tx. and has been attacked by something. She’s bleeding internally. Many thanks to North Texas Team Leader, Rae Steeb, for fighting to get her out of the shelter. She was scheduled to assume room temperature within the hour, due to her blinded, damaged eye. They didn’t know she was bleeding internally, too.

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Midnight June 10, 2022

Gem of the Day: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

~Dr. Martin Luther King, ~

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have EIGHT new dogs to tell you about in various conditions ranging from a head tilt to broken bones. The usual fare.

But this is about little 2 year old Callie.

Callie is now at the Roanoke Animal Hospital under the care of Dr. Dave Shepherd and he believes we can save her. but we need your help. Seriously.

Something attacked her and blew her left eye globe and it must be removed but that’s not the most urgent problem now.

She’s anemic and losing blood from somewhere inside and they couldn’t find from whence it came until tonight.

Our Board and Rae, our N. Texas Team Leader, has been watching her closely, with Dr. Shepherd, all week. We get excellent care there and an unheard of 30% rescue discount.

Tuesday she was bright and alert and eating! We were all jumping for joy! Then this sent was last night from Dr. Shepherd.

Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 8:17 PM
To: Robin Email <>
Subject: Callie
Callie   11492-253 Small Paws 30% Disc Rescue  *NO RIMADYL*   11492 
2 Yrs. 0 Mos.,  Female,    Canine
Date:  6/8/2022
Time:  15:41
Weight Today:  8.9 #
Temp Today:  101.1 FF
Current Care Doctor:  David K. Shepherd, DVM
Remarks:  The apparent clinical rally seen in patient yesterday has not unfortunately carried over to today. Patient continues to be quite lethargic, with pale mucus membranes. Unfortunately anorexia today is complete. Packed cell volume unfortunately as well has gone down to 16 percent today, but this is most likely due to improvement in patient hydration status from IV fluids administered. We were able to collect a fecal sample for follow-up submission and completion which interestingly was darkly discolored indicating the possibility that blood loss resulting in anemia might be gastrointestinal in origin but the CBC results are conflicting and suggest the possibility of an immune mediated disorder. These things being true, and after consulting with Dr. Stickney, we have elected to add the Coombs test previously discussed as a part of her potential plan to help us to differentiate between immune-mediated versus blood loss anemia.
Unfortunately, due to the severity and likely chronic nature of patients health problems, diagnosing the source of her severe anemia has thus far been challenging. Clearly our typical plans for spaying, and in this case removing the diseased left I have been put on hold, and likely will be on hold for the foreseeable future. Best-case scenario 2 weeks minimum. Sadly, this will result in considerable expenditure in an effort to diagnose, treat, and get patient into an acceptable level of wellness to proceed with some much needed surgery. At this time, it is likely that total expenditures for Callie will be in the $3000-$5000 range (even with rescue discounting), and this may be a conservative estimate. Spoke at length to to Robin regarding our newly modified plan.
They just got the test back and it is NOT immune mediated. That’s probably good.
So Dr. Shepherd went old school. She isn’t a candidate for anesthesia, so he just went in the back end with barium to look around and she is bleeding from an ulcerated place in her stomach. This may or may not be related to the attack.
But he feels she can be saved.
She was doing so well and eating on Tuesday.
Now, her blood volume is dropping and she is on IV fluids, and they are thinking she can’t stay there over the weekend and needs to be moved to an ER on Friday and she needs a blood transfusion. That will be expensive. Ugh.
If he thought it was time to call it, he would tell me.
He gives us a 30% rescue discount. He calls me every day we have a sick dog there, with updates.
He is NOT a vet who is trying to gouge the bill. Trust me on this one. I can spot one of those an Oklahoma mile away.  
Callie’s only TWO YEARS OLD, Peoples!
Maybe I’m still crazy after all these 24 years, but if we can pull her through, she could be a blessing to a person, or a family, for many years to come.
I know you all. I believe you would want us to try.
But we need to raise $5000.00 to save this life. If we all help a little, we can do it. We’ve done it before and we can do it again.
IF you can afford to help, we need you.
If not, we need your prayers. We never want to run any of you short of funds.
I  guess that’s probably not the thing for an Executive Director of a Non Profit to say when raising funds.
But it’s the way I feel. If you can help, please do. You never have to explain if you can’t help.
Some are blessed more than others. To whom much is given much is required. That’s always how this magnificent obsession  has always worked, for 24 years now.
Will you take a step on that invisible staircase with me? Faith is what builds each step as we carry her back up to health.

I’m here and will issue all matching challenge donations! But we are in a hurry, my loves. Robin 

What is a matching donation challenge?

P.S. Lucy’s Pacemaker procedure has been postponed to June 20 at Medvet in Columbus, Ohio. She got an ear infection and is getting over that before they can put the pacemaker in. 

Lucia, “Lucy” upon intake a few months ago.

Five year old “Lucy” today, freshly groomed. I know she looks good on the outside, but inside her heart rate drops suddenly.

She can’t be spayed or have a “not just merely but really most sincerely” needed dental, due to her inability to have anesthesia, until she gets our first ever Pacemaker put in.

Medvet has been doing them for 14 years, but Lucy is our first, thanks to the Florida Bash and YOU!


 Florida Charity Registration # CH37698