To Help The Rescued Bichons. Danbury Mint Bichon Frise Calendar – RARE!/ Crocheted Bichon by Bonnie Ferguson/ Set of 12 Bichon Garden Flags

The 2019 Small Paws® Rescue Spring Benefit Auction Is Now Open Through June 16, 2019!

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                Danbury Mint Bichon Frise Calendar – RARE!

Leading Bid$160 USD

Next Minimum Bid$170 USD

Make every day a great day with this perpetual calendar from the Danbury Mint.

The wooden display measures approx 18″W x 20.5″H x 3.5″D and has sawtooth hangers on the back for wall mounting.

It also stands up on its own, if you prefer.

The calendar comes with all 12 Bichons-By-Month along with some decorative tiles (Easter, Thanksgiving etc) and numbered plastic tiles.

Each monthly Bichon can be displayed on the other shelves.

This is first one I have ever seen in person and all I can say is WOW!!

This item was donated to SPR by Kim Swist Weglinski who very recently lost her beloved Bichon Frise “Augie”.

In memory of Augie


Crocheted Bichon

                                                                                Item Number 459
                                                                                Opening Bid $5 USD
                                                                                Next Minimum Bid $5 USD
       This crocheted Bichon is a one of a kind cutie. About 5″ tall in the sitting position.
                                          Made especially for the Small Paws auction
                                    by our own Director of Adoption, Bonnie Ferguson.


Bichon Garden Flags – Set of 12

                                                                         Item Number 358
                                                                         Leading Bid $30 USD
                                                                         Next Minimum Bid $35 USD
                       Set of 12 Beautiful Bichon Garden Flags. One for each month of the year. These come from                                                                                      Willabee and Ward.

Special Instructions

                                 These flags have never been used outdoors, only displayed on my office wall.

Donated By: Shellie Salay

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Humphrey Sisco
Dec 26, 1993~ Aug 30, 2006

When I first saw this beautiful picture of Cheri Sisco’s “Humphrey”, I thought it was truly the epitome of what we do, and why we do it. I wanted to use this black and white picture of Humphrey, taken only days before his death due to congestive heart failure, to let those who may be new to Small Paws, know what we do and why we do it. Without Small Paws, Humphrey would have never known love. He would have died in a kill shelter, sick and alone. Because of Small Paws, and Cheri Sisco, he lived, he loved, and he smiled.

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