New Matching Challenges for Emmitt and Fiona! New Pictures of More New Bichonly Rescues. Help Is Needed.


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Thursday Morning, July 29 2021

Gem of the Day: “The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.” 

~Michel Houellebecq~ 


     North Carolina “Fiona”. 18 Mos. Old.                       North Carolina “Emmitt”. 3 years old.                                                                              

                        Brother and sister. They will not be separated. They are a bonded pair.

    They are Bichons.

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have the following matching donation challenges for little Emmitt and Fiona.

What is a matching donation challenge? 

Also, please scroll down to see four of our latest rescues. All six of these will need to be completely vetted.

But first, On Jul 28, 2021, at 6:05 PM, Dawn Bove <> wrote:

Hello Robin: Thank God Small Paws has these little ones. What a mess.
I will make a challenge for $250.00 for these two and another $250.00 for the fluffs you haven’t told us about yet.
I hope we can all come together and help get them all fixed up and into forever homes.
As always sent with love,

Dawn, thank you so very much an I hope someone is able to match your challenges.

Next, On Jul 28, 2021, at 7:37 PM, from Deborah Berger in Florida <> wrote:

Please issue a $100.00 challenge from me.❤️

Deborah, thank you so much. Can anyone match Deborah?

Next, On Jul 28, 2021, at 8:26 PM, Elizabeth Blondefield <> wrote:

Hi Robin,
These two North Carolina sweeties touched my heart; probably because the vet hospital they are at is only about 10 miles from me. While I am no longer able to foster, I can certainly offer to do any transport that is needed. And I would like to issue a $100.00 matching challenge for sweet Emmett and Fiona. 
Elizabeth Blondefield
Elizabeth, thank you so much for your challenge and for your offer to help in North Carolina. Is there anyone who can match Elizabeth?
Next, On Jul 28, 2021, at 9:25 PM, Barbe Von Netzer <> wrote:

Wow!!! I would like to make a matching donation…$125…. In honor of you and Sara and all the great work you do to give these dogs a second chance. Good luck!! Love you Barb

Barbe, Thank you so much again. Is there anyone who can match Barbe to help these precious dogs?
Next, these are but four of the newest Small Paws Rescues.

9 year old “Chloe”


From Sara Rhodes:

This is 9 year old, 10 lb Chloe. She was dumped at CACC to be Put To Sleep for a decreased appetite. 
CACC called us and asked if we would take her. She was eating well and they could not find anything physically wrong with her! I called you and that’s our story! She is now Chloe Small Paws and is currently at PVC waiting to be vetted  and getting grooming done. 
Oh and she is a sweetie!! Her vet bill will be around $1400.00. 
“Amelia” was saved from the streets of Chicago.
From Sara Rhodes:
One of my rescue friends contacted me about her. She had been roaming around an abandoned building in Chicago. They were able to trap her, she did her stray hold at CACC, no one claimed her and she is now safe in the arms of Small Paws . 
Amelia Small Paws and is at PVC getting her quarantine, vetting and grooming. Her vet bill will be around $1400.00. 

From Sara Rhodes:
Meet Gus ! A matted ball of fur! His story , a stray, taken to CACC shelter and no one claimed him. I’m sure there is much more to his story, but we probably don’t want to know. He is safe and sound at PVC, doing his quarantine time, scheduled for vetting and he will need a shave due to extreme matting! His vet bill will be around $1400.00. 
New Guy
From Sara Rhodes:
This is our new guy coming into rescue Friday. No name or age yet but does have a last name of Small Paws❤️. If nothing is wrong, his vetting will be around $1400.00.
With Emmitt and Fiona, and these four below, we need to raise around $7500.00 for their combined vetting.
This includes initial veterinary exams, vaccinations, fecal tests, heartworm tests, spay or neuter, dentals and teeth cleaning (sometime with extractions), 10 days of quarantine to keep them from bringing unknown shelter diseases home to our foster parent’s own dogs, and grooming.
And that’s if they don’t have anything out of the normal wrong. We also see eye issues, ear issues, lumps and bumps needing to be removed and biopsied, surgeries, and other issues which require specialists.
I’m here and will issue any other matching donation challenges for these precious lives. Lives that will give and receive love to a human being, for many years to come. God led them to our doorstep. Now, we need to get them healthy, fostered, and into a forever home, so that they will never end up like this again.
Thank you for supporting this magnificent obsession we call Small Paws Rescue.
All My Love, Robin  


Wednesday Afternoon, July 28, 2021

Dear Small Pawsers,

Sara Rhodes, one of our wonderful team leaders, found these two, a brother and sister, in a shelter near Durham, North Carolina.

Joanne Raus, our National Team Leader jumped right on this.

One of our great N.C. volunteers, Jennifer French, picked them up this morning and got them to a wonderful new vet clinic for us, the Creedmoor Road Animal Clinic. 

And they do give us a 10% rescue discount.

We believe these babies were part of a seizure from a possible hoarding situation. That’s how we know they are brother and sister and their ages.

After arrival at the vet’s office, they were sedated and shaved this morning, but they both will need full vetting and quarantine after being in the shelter and having been exposed to shelter diseases.

Emmitt was barely able to move his back legs due to mats tying them together.

These are some pictures.


18 mos. old Fiona

Emmitt’s back legs were matted together.


I think this is Fiona being shaved. She is pretty thin.

Emmitt had to be sedated for them to get to the mats on his face.

I’ll be. Bichons were living underneath all of that.

They stopped after a while on Fiona to give her a rest and will finish her shave tomorrow. I can’t say enough good things about this clinic. They wrote:

“Emmett had to be sedated in order for the mats to be shaved off his face. Fiona is a perfect angel and cooperated with every step. She still needs to be shaved a little more but she is getting a break for the rest of the day. (Emmett was an angel too but his face was worse.) Dr. Jimenez looked at them before and after they were shaved to make sure they didn’t need immediate attention before she left for the day. Tomorrow she will be doing a more formal and through exam on them. As of right now we have given estimates for shaving, bathing, vaccines, and to be spayed and neutered. After Dr. Jimenez looks at them tomorrow we will send you an updated estimate on each including boarding for 10 days. Myself or Dr. Jimenez will be teaching out to you tomorrow to let you know the steps on where to go from here. If you have any questions please feel free email me. 
They are getting plenty of love and attention here. Someone went out and bought them little toys and snacks. They are being very well cared for!
Thank you,
Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital”
When dogs look like this on the outside and are victims of severe neglect, the inside problems are even worse. 
We have been getting several dogs with serious medical issues in and we will get them up as soon as they are vetted. We haven’t raised funds for all of them yet, but these two were emergent.
To be honest, I’m overwhelmed and that doesn’t happen to often. 
If you have been to a vet lately, you know what has happened.
Prices are going up far from anything we have ever seen, before.
We will need between $1500-2000.00 just for these two and that is a really reasonable rate.
But it’s summer. We are three days from dreaded August.
It’s the worst month for non-profits. People are on vacation. Going back to school expenses, etc.
If you are able to read this and if you can help them, now is the time to help. Please feel free to share.

I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges.  God help them. God help us.

All My Love, Robin


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