Small Paws® Rescue Competes in Puppy Bowl XIX Tomorrow, Sunday, February 12. Pre-game Begins at Noon E.S.T. Filming Pictures and Video! Funny Story About Our Arrival There.

Puppy Bowl XIX: Meet the paw-sitively adorable, adoptable contestants | USA TODAY


Well, the time has come! Powder Puff Small Paws will get a chance to strut her stuff in the 2023 Puppy Bowl, hosted by The Discovery Channel and aired on Animal Planet! All times below are E.S.T.


Puppy Bowl XIX

Puppy Bowl XIX will kick off at 1 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12 on Animal Planet and will be replayed at 4 p.m., 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner is back for a 12th year while sportscasters Steve Levy and Taylor Rooks are returning to provide play-by-play commentary.

Puppy Bowl-related programming will begin earlier in the day.

6 a.m. Puppy Bowl Presents: Dog Bowl All-Stars

7 a.m. Puppy Bowl Nation

8 a.m. Puppy Bowl Presents: Best in Show

9 a.m. Puppy Bowl Flashback: Inside the Bowl

10 a.m. Puppy Bowl Flashback: Where Are They Now?

11 a.m. From Puppy Bowl With Love

Noon Puppy Bowl IX Pre-Game Show

1 p.m. Puppy Bowl XIX


Now, I don’t know how much air time she will actually get.

Try to remember, the puppies that were her competitors were all HUGE!

They were all NFL quarterback material and looked like they have been working out in the gym for MONTHS.

See what I mean?

Meet The Players of Puppy Bowl XIX!

This is the article coming out tomorrow, in the Tulsa World Newspaper!   

We got the message out about adopt don’t shop!

Personally, I think she should have been a cheerleader. Even though we taught her to grab the stuffed football and run, when she got there all of her football training flew out the window.

She was much more interested in bribing the Umpire to pick her up, tail wagging.

Then, when they filmed each puppy running out onto the field from the “Tunnel”, well, she would stick her head out and decide to go back inside the tunnel, over and over.

The other rescuers were rolling on the floor because it was so cute. They finally got her to come out onto the field with fried chicken. Hey, a girl knows what she wants!

In late October, Bonnie Ferguson, our Director of Adoptions, and I flew to Albany, New York and drove about an hour north to Glenn Falls, New York for the filming.

It was a beautiful time of year to be in the Adirondack Mountains.

A funny thing happened on the way to the rental.

We arrived around 4:00 p.m. and after having left Tulsa, with one squirmy puppy at 5:00 A.M., we were ready to get checked in.

We drove up to the long winding drive and immediately saw burglars removing the air conditioners from the second floor.

Not kidding.

Do we call 911? They could have the place, as far as I was concerned.

Then, one of the burglars, a WOMAN, came out of the lake cabin with her arms FULL of loot, and she was headed right for our car!

Reverse! Reverse!

Then she put her burgled items down and looked pretty harmless, other than the look on her face when she’d obviously been caught in the act.

Well, this burglar recognized me, probably from my profile picture on the rental property’s website.

“Robin” she asked???

Go away. I don’t talk to burglars.

By then she was almost crying, (Hey lady, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. I’m calling the police.)

It seems that she was the manager of 16 properties there, and she had gotten our dates wrong. She and her crew were winterizing the property and they weren’t expecting guests, namely, US. Two gals from Oklahoma and a very tired puppy.

She felt so badly that she said she had another property nearby that was vacant and asked if she could she get in our car and show it to us?

(I don’t know lady. You SAY you’re the manager, but that may just be your cover!)

Well, we went to the next place and it was beautiful!

I gave the eye to Bonnie, in the passenger seat, not to get too excited. We couldn’t afford this place.

Then, after we went inside and talked a bit, and let her cuddle our soon to be famous puppy, she told us that because this was her mistake, there would be no charge for our lodging and right then and there, she refunded our deposit and didn’t charge Small Paws for this really neat place right on the water!

Wanna Seeee? This was our view and where we had coffee in the mornings.

We had a wood stove, which we used in the evenings and it was wonderful!

And it was free to Small Paws as a gift from the burglar!


Here we are filming in the basement of the Cool Insuring Arena (This was a Hockey Arena).

Click on the picture to see the video of Powder Puff’s time to shine on camera! Hear that HUGE puppy barking in the background?

We could watch what was going on, on the jumbotron high in the air.

And here she is! Not playing football but trying to bribe the umpire to pick her up!

Here is Your’s Truly, and Powder Puff, with one of the big wigs from the Discovery Channel, there to oversee the filming.

He chose our baby to hold for a promo commercial.

So, I don’t know how much airtime she’ll get but we were there and she was a good sport, even though she didn’t get a touchdown.

But at least she didn’t didn’t get clobbered by one of the other giant puppies. If that had happened, I would have had to do some clobbering.

The other rescuers told me that once you’re in Puppy Bowl, you are always in Puppy Bowl and many had been coming for the entire time, so who knows! We may be invited back next year, so pray we have a puppy to enter!

Well, that’s our story of attending Puppy Bowl 19! Hope you enjoy watching, tomorrow! All My Love, Robin