We have Two New Matching Challenges for $1000.00 Each and One for $600.00 For Our Latest Ten Rescues!



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Thursday Evening, December 9, 2021 

Gem of the Day: “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” ~Author John Grogan~

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have three wonderful matching donation challenges for our latest ten rescues! (Please see pictures below.)

What is a matching donation challenge?

First, from Pat and Joan Borders at jpborders@aol.com, we have a phone in Matching Challenge Donation for $1000.00! Is there anyone who has been blessed enough to match the Borders? Thank you Joan and Pat and I hope that someone can match you!

Next, from Mary Hurley at fuffernut@yahoo.com, we have a second challenge for $1000.00! Thank you Mary! I hope that someone is able to match you!

>Hi Robin – Please issue a matching challenge for $1000.00. I know it doesn’t come close to what we need but hopefully it will get matched!


Lastly, from Priya S. at prithsk@yahoo.com, we have a matching challenge for $600.00. Priya loves Small Paws and what we do so very much and she is a first time challenger. Thank you Priya and I hope that someone can match you!

That’s the latest news on the latest ten rescues. Thank you all so very much for supporting this magnificent obsession. All My Love, Robin   




How To Donate! We Now Take Paypal Through Text, As Well As All Major Credit Cards!

Thursday Morning, December 9, 2021 Dear Small Pawsers,

Gem of the Day: ““Dogs live in the present… Every turn of a corner is the opportunity for a clean slate. Every bounce of a ball brings joy and the promise of a fresh chase.” ~Steven Rowley~

Dear Small Pawsers,

So far, we have raised $1,325.00, enough to vet about 3/4 of one of the eight who needed us.

And now the umbers have changed since yesterday morning, from eight to ten.

We now have two more and both will be expensive. 

Meet “Blitzen”, from a shelter near Dallas. He is eight years old and Heartworm positive. He will need the works, as he is not yet neutered. And he will also need heartworm treatment which runs about $1000.00 in the Dallas area, so his vetting will be almost $3000.00 if there are no complications. (Gulp)


Then, we are getting this three year old male cutie pie in, whose owner has sadly passed and no one else in the family is able to care for little “Simba”. He will need complete vetting.

Simba is way past due for vaccinations and heartworm preventative. He is also not yet neutered and he is chryptorchid on both sides. This will involve an abdominal surgery which is of course invasive and more expensive. But you can’t leave retained testes in there. The risk of cancer, later, is too great. So his vetting will run about $2800.00. He is located in Louisiana.

Veterinary costs have skyrocketed, everywhere, just like everything else.

It’s not greed. It the cost of keeping employees from veterinarians to vet techs to receptionists.

Some of the corporate vet places are offering up to $100,000.00 in signing bonuses for qualified veterinarians.

I think the average signing bonus, due to a shortage of veterinarians, is around $30-40,000, nationwide.

This has never happened, that I know of, before this time. We are going to need around $16,000 more in order to vet all of these dogs.

I hate this! it is becoming more expensive to save them. And it’s December, nearing Christmas, too.

I hope we are up to this challenge. These dogs need us.

So, we have two matching donation challenges!

What is a matching donation challenge?

First, from Dawn Bove, we have this matching challenge for $250.00. Thank you so much, Dawn!

From: Dawn Bove <d.bove@fcpmllc.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 10:02:39 AM
To: robinpressnall@gmail.com <robinpressnall@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Small Paws® Rescue Holiday Auction Report!/ See Recent Vet Bills/ Eight Newest Rescues Including Two Black and Whites!/ Vets In Detroit Situation

Good Morning Robin: Boy when it rains it pours. Such precious little fluffs. I will make a challenge for $250.00. Let’s all come together and give our gift of funds so these pups can have a Merry Christmas.
As always sent with love.
Next, from Deborah Berger in Florida, we have this challenge for $100.00. Thank you Deborah!
From:normetski <normetski@aol.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 10:00:04 AM
To:robinpressnall@gmail.com <robinpressnall@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Small Paws® Rescue Holiday Auction Report!/ See Recent Vet Bills/ Eight Newest Rescues Including Two Black and Whites!/ Vets In Detroit Situation

Put me down for a $100 challenge ❤️
So that’s where we are. I’m praying that no more come in until we can vet these ten. I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges.
If you are thinking about end of the year charitable giving to reduce your tax bill, now may be the time, if you are able. All My Love, Robin 



How To Donate! We Now Take Paypal Through Text, As Well As All Major Credit Cards!

Wednesday Monday Morning, December 8, 2021

Gem of the Day: “After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.” ~Novelist Robert McCammon~

Dear Small Pawsers,

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our 2021 Small Paws Rescue Online Holiday Auction!

Thanks to you, we raised $12, 296.00. Thank you all so much!
From Jody Ferraro, our Auction Webmistress, to donors of the items, to the buyers of these items. Thank you to everyone!
I want to show you what we did with the auction funds. We used it toward last week’s vet bills.
As you know, everything is going up in price.
I’ve spoken to Veterinarians who own large practices and they have told me that estimates are that Veterinary care will be going up 30% in 2022. Gulp.
The cost of labor, medications, leases, insurance, it’s all going up.
This vet bill above, was for 8 dogs, coming to an average of $1,758.65 per dog for vetting.
This includes a 20% rescue discount.
One of those eight dogs, Bumper,  is a Bichon-a-doodle pup and he didn’t require much vetting. The others were more in need.
It’s actually running between $1800-2000 to vet each new rescued dog, and that’s IF we can find a Veterinarian willing to do rescue work at a discounted price.
If you are in the Detroit MI, area, and you think that your vet may be someone we could use, could you please give them a call and let me know? Thanks and we surely do need a vet in the Detroit area willing do take on new clients.
Presently, volunteers are having to do 6-7 hours of driving to get Detroit dogs to Chicago to our vet there. That’s not good. Calling for help with vets in or near Detroit, MI.!
So, we have never gotten two black and whites in at once!
What is a black and white in the Bichon rescue world?
Well, it’s probably a Bichon Havanese or a Havanese Mix!
 Many thanks to Sara Rhodes, Team Leader Extraordinare, for her good eye in spotting these two!
Meet “Gabriel” our first Christmas name this season! He was in a shelter near Chicago and we just got him! See why we think he may be a Bichon Havanese?!
Gabriel was found as a stray on the streets of Chicago extremely matted. He is only one and a half years old. He has a cherry eye which must be surgically repaired.  But that’s not all. He also has a heart murmur and with his young age, it may well be a PDA and repairable. We have repaired over 100 PDA’s in the last 23 years. I HOPE it is a PDA so it can be fixed!
Usually, these congenital heart defects present in puppies, but we have seen and repaired PDA’s in dogs up to almost three years old. Gabriel is seeing a Cardiologist tomorrow to let us know what this is. He really is a little angel. Get it? Gabriel?!
If it is a PDA, we will get him down to Columbus Ohio to our great Interventional Cardiologist, Thaibinh Nguyenba, who has done most of our PDA repairs, and he flat knows his stuff.
Without a PDA surgury, I’m estimating Gabriel’s vet bill to be around $2700.00.
Next, meet “Dickens”, our second Black and White. His vetting will be between $1800-$2000.00, if nothing else is wrong. He was an unclaimed stray at a shelter near Chicago.
Our new Chipper is 4 years old and his vetting will be around $1800.00. I haven’t used the name “Chipper” since 2013 when I lost my own “Chipper”, the Bichon who started Small Paws back in 1998.
This is my Chipper’s story. We didn’t have a clue what his story would bring to the world of tens of thousands of rescued Bichons, so far.
Next, meet Rigby! He is estimated to be 4 years old. He will be fostered in Indiana. His vet bills will run around $1800.00.
Next, meet six year old Mollie! She is a happy girl and her vetting will run around $1800.00.
Next, meet 9 year old Lucy. Lucy had one eye removed when she was first placed by Small Paws a couple of years ago. She was recently returned due to extenuating circumstances of her owner. Lucy is located in the Dallas, Tx. Area.
((Casper is now adopted but we still need to pay his vet bill.)) Next, meet 6 year old Casper. He was an owner surrender due to his owners health issues. He is being fostered in Ohio.
Meet Autumn. She is estimated at three years old with heavy tarter for her age. Her vetting near Chicago will be about $1800.00. 
All in all, we will need around $12,000 to vet these eight newest dogs. You know I don’t come to you asking for help unless we need it. We try to stretch every penny. Ask our Team Leaders how frugile I can be, while still supplying excellent care to these Bichons.
We need your help.
I know that it’s December, but these dogs listed above haven’t a clue. They only know they are sick or needing surgery.
I’m here and will issue all matching donation challenges. All My Love, Robin