A Christmas Miracle! Pup Has Movement In Both Back Legs!/ Small Paws Will Be Featured On 2023’s Puppy Bowl On Animal Planet!!


Pup had a spinal tumor. We did neuro-surgery, on Monday.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dear Small Pawsers,

We have seen a Christmas miracle!

Little Pup, the one who had a spinal tumor INSIDE of her spinal cord, had surgery on Monday and this morning she has motor movement in BOTH hind legs!

She can’t walk yet, but only because she can’t hold her weight up, but she will be walking soon! And she is continent!

This truly was a miracle surgery! Thank you all for making it happen!!

Well, I teased you about something HUGE that has happened for Small Paws!

I can now let you know that one of our rescues will be on the Puppy Bowl 19, on the same day as the Super Bowl, Feb 12, 2023! 

It was released to the media yesterday!

Meet “Powder Puff Small Paws”, our Puppy Bowl 2023 STAR!

(Please note: Powder Puff has already been adopted by a grieving family and is now living the life of Riley!

She is no longer up for adoption.)


Rescue pup from Tulsa to be featured in 2023 Puppy Bowl


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To learn more about Puppy Bowl XIX, and meet all of the canine competitors, visit PuppyBowl.com.

That’s all we can tell you, right now!

Airdate is February 12, 2023

Look for more news, with pictures, on January 11, 2021!

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With Much Love and Gratitude, Robin