This Is Louie Bertolino, Your Donation Coordinator. Severely neglected 4 year old male needs immediate help.

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“This is Louie Bertolino, ( who many of you know as your Donations Coordinator, and I’m putting this newsletter together because we have an immediate need of funds for our most recently surrendered Bichon.

Yes, that’s a Bichon, starving and covered in dreadlocks.

We have a 3-4 year old male Bichon Frise who was surrendered to us by a Good Samaritan, and he needs immediate care.

He is now safe, and in the Small Paws® Rescue witness protection program. He has never seen a veterinarian in his entire life, until now. Fortunately he is heart worm negative, but he needs to have full vetting, and will need to be sedated and shaved. This little boy probably was never groomed once his entire life! Because he never seen a vet before, it is estimated at $1,000 just to get his basic vetting, and cleaned up.

He is matted and filthy. Even dirtier than the ground he was laying on.

He probably spent most of his time outside, collecting dirt, being rained on, braving all the elements, and wishing to be picked up and held. The vet says he is skin and bones under all of those mats and dreadlocks. There is a wound on his skin under all of that. 

Now now that he is ours, he will get the love and care he needs, then into a wonderful home. But first he needs to get shaved down, and vetted.

He was so matted and neglected, he probably collected every bug and piece of dirt he walked across.

It’s amazing he was even able to see where he was walking, running loose.

He needs immediate attention and full vetting.

He must feel miserable under all those mats of fur, and desperately wants to be held.

I am here, and ready to run any donations at your request.

If you’ve made a past donation by credit card, you may e-mail me, Louie Bertolino at and let me know the amount of your donation.

If we already have your credit card on file, please e-mail me and let me know the amount of your donation. Or give me a call at 337-324-2466 to make a donation. I’m in MA. on Eastern Time.

Robin is also ready for any matching challenges.

I am sure under all those mats, he is one handsome Bichon, and once he is in his new home, he will be pampered the rest of his life. Let’s make that happen.

God bless,