The Midwest Small Paws® Rescue 25th Anniversary Bichon Bash! Two Celebrities Will Be There! Dog Friendly Hotels! Let Us Know If You Might Attend! Please Share!

April 3, 2023

Dear Small Pawsers, 

Enough of you have shown interest in attending our multi-state, 25th Anniversary Midwest Bichon Bash, to be held in Terra Haute Indiana, on Saturday, July 1, 2023, that we are going forward! It will be held at Deming Park.

This Bash will be for anyone who wants to attend, but especially for our folks in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kentucky! It’s about 3 hours from Chicago.

Cities 3 hours from Terra Haute With Map

Please share with your Social Media contacts! It’s not just for Bichons, but for any dog who has ever even MET a Bichon, and their peoples!  

Mary Jo Barnett, in Terra Haute, Indiana, at, is hosting this Bash! Thank you so much Mary Jo!

There will be a dinner the night before. Restaurant to be announced.

Bonnie Ferguson, our Director of Adoptions, and myself will be in attendance. We can’t wait to see you! 

We also will have a couple of celebrities there, LIVE AND IN PERSON!

First, remember the story that went around the world back in December of 2019?

A BICHON was thrown from a car and nearly killed near Chicago! But you all came together and saved him and he will be at The Midwest Small Paws Rescue Bichon Bash in Terra Haute!

Do you remember who it is?

It’s “Elf”! He was adopted by a Police Officer and family and no one is ever going to hurt him again! 

Dog thrown from moving car, ‘left to die’ on South Side is expected to recover.

Tiny white dog named ‘Elf’ by rescuers is lucky to be alive after ‘being hurled from a moving car and left to die’ on a busy street in Chicago

Some of you, who may participate in our online auctions, may know that we also have a Bichon loving celebrity who has supported Small Paws for years.

It’s author and artist, Cathy Pearson.

Cathy is bringing two of her paintings for us to auction. These are two she has painted.


She’ll also be bringing some of her famous novels that include Bichons in the stories, like:

Trouble in Paradise: A Cassie Grimes Mystery by Cathy Pearson  and

Family Ties: A Cassie Grimes Mystery by Cathy Pearson

Cathy has even acknowledged all of YOU and Small Paws® Rescue in one of her books. Thank you Cathy Pearson!

So, we’re going to go ahead and open ticket sales now. July 1 will be here before you know it!

Get Your Tickets Here! 

In the “Comments” section, let us know the names of the humans that will be attending, and the names of doggies that will be attending. We need this in advance to prepare for food and drinks.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Terra Haute, Indiana

Let us know if you may be able to attend! Let’s make this the best Bash ever! All My Love, Robin


Dear Small Pawsers, 

As you know, this year, Small Paws® Rescue is celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

Well, one of our members, Mary Jo Barnett, in Terra Haute, Indiana, at, has offered to host a multi-state Bichon Bash for Small Paws® Rescue, on Saturday, July 1, 2023!

It would include Small Pawsers and their Bichons (and any dog who has ever met a Bichon!), from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kentucky! Everyone is invited from all states!

The average temperature there on that date is 84 degrees and Mary Jo has secured a beautiful covered pavilion, in a lovely park for us.

This is the beautiful city park we would be using, Deming Park!

We’re trying to see how many of you would be interested in coming to join us! If enough of you can come, there will also be a dinner the night before, June 30, 2023 for any early birds!

This is the flyer we would be using if we have enough interest!

Twenty Five Years of working together to rescue and save the lives of tens of thousands of fluffs is something to celebrate, indeed! Mary Jo is ready to roll up her sleeves and get started if we have enough interest. I think that we will!

Hop a boat, hop a train, even take an airplane. Put the fluffer kidlets in the family car!

Please let us know, even if you think you might just be a “Maybe”!