Aggression Letter


This is Robin Pressnall, the Executive Director of Small Paws® Rescue.

We received your request to surrender your Bichon, XXX

Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to accept XXX into rescue due to aggression.

“Can you tell us why

But we aren’t going to leave you without options for your dog that has bitten or has shown other signs of aggression.

We want to give you a link to No Kill Animal Shelters, by state.

The legal liability now, is just too great.

Sadly, we can’t risk our whole organization and the thousands of Bichons yet to be rescued, for one dog that is showing aggression or that bites.

We do wish you and XXX the very best.

Robin Pressnall
Executive Director
Small Paws ® Rescue Inc.

CC: Board of Trustees