December 11, 2009

Small Paws® Rescue was recently invited to appear on 
Fox & Friends, on the
Fox Cable News Network in New York City!

Click here to see the video!

This is the limo driver that Fox News sent for me at 6:00 A.M.!
(That's 0:00 Dark Thirty!) 

Fox & Friends Co-Host, Steve Doocy, and your's truly.
 Steve is a VERY nice guy who loves dogs!

Small Pawser Bill Adam and Steve Doocy. Bill and Randi, hosted me in their home
 in Maywood, New Jersey, which is only 17 miles from the Fox News studios!

Small Pawser Bonnie Margolis with her two Bichons, Rosie and Gabriel,
 (the Bichon who stole the show with the Bichon wave!)

Small Pawsers Deborah Berger, and her Bichon, Boris, and Bonnie Margolis,
and her Bichons, Rosie and Gabriel, were real troopers to get up  so early!

Steve Doocy came into the green room looking for the Bichons.
 He wanted to pet them! He told me he loves dogs!
I told him that we were neighbors. He's from Kansas, and I'm from Tulsa, OK.!

 Here they are rehearsing "being cute" for the camera.

 The leash had to be just the right length in order for Gabriel to do the wave.
His Mom, Bonnie Margolis, was prompting him with treats.
He'd wave his little heart out until the cameral man wanted to film a couple of teases!
Then he'd stop! We figured he was camera shy. But then when we did the actual
interview we found out he was just storing up to give it all he had! Ha! 


Bonnie Margolis with her Bichons, Rosie and Gabriel, as I look on.

I was one proud lady. No one barfed. No one hiked. No one growled.
 (And the dogs were good, too.) 

This picture was taken with a cell phone, while Brian Kilmeade another of the Fox & Friends Co-hosts, was doing the interview, live! What a nice, nice man!

The people at Fox & Friends were all so wonderful, from our producer, Megan MacDonald, to all of the back stage people assigned to be our "keepers, to hair and make up and of course, the three anchors, Steve, Brian and Gretchen. They were all just lovely people, and treated us so very kindly!

Thank you so very much  to Fox News and to Fox & Friends!