As seen on Fox News in NYC
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We have since appeared on the Fox New Network 11 times.

Many thanks to Fox News! 

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Hello! This is Robin Pressnall, Executive Director of Small Paws Rescue® Inc.

Thank you so much for your interest in Small Paws Rescue®

Each breed has a rescue organization for their breed. Small Paws is the largest breed rescue in the country, with over 800 volunteers and over 6000 members in 27 countries.

Small Paws has rescued over 14,000 Bichons in the past 20 years from across the country. We rescue Bichons from shelters, and from owners who can no longer take care of them due to a variety of circumstances. (moving, having babies, going to a nursing home, health problems, or other end of life issues, etc.)

There is an increase in the number of owner surrenders we see, because Small Paws is becoming so large now with greater visibility.

We've had exposure on Discovery Channel's "Animal Planet", twice over the past 20 years. 

See Small Paws® on Animal Planet
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First on Animal Planet's "A Pet Story" and more recently on Animal Planet's Series "Dogs 101"

As seen on Inside Edition with Deborah Norville!

We've also been featured on "Inside Edition" with Deborah Norville in NYC. 

We've also  been featured in many media articles , including the best selling book "Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul".

We even made the national news on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,
as well as having numerous articles in newspapers, and other television news stories across the country.

The more people who know that we are available, the more people who take advantage of our rescue services.

Because of our extensive and proven screening process, it is very rare when an adoption doesn't work out, however it does happen. Sometimes it just isn't a match and other times things can happen such as a death or illness with the adopter, causing the Bichon to come back into rescue with Small Paws Rescue®.

Bichons have a wonderful temperament! They are cheery little lap dogs! But, when they have been abused or neglected, as with any creature, their personalities are affected. We make sure to fully disclose any abuse or neglect or illness, that has happened previously with all of our rescued Bichons.

This Bichon's teeth were in terrible condition. He had a complete dental and he ended up losing several teeth. 

If you need any further information, I am so happy to speak with you!

Thanks so much, 


 Small Paws® Rescue is a 501C3 Not-for-profit Nationwide organization and our name is federally protected by Trade Mark. We have an actively involved Board of Trustees.

You can see our Board of Trustees here!

Small Paws® Rescue pays all vet bills for all of our foster Bichons. To date we have rescued over 14,000 Bichons in the 20 years that we have been operating.

Small Paws® Rescue is the largest breed rescue in the country. We have over 6000 members and over 800 volunteers. We pay between $25,000.00 and $50,000.00 per month in vet bills and we post these vet bills publicly

Small Paws® Rescue believes it is better to fly a Bichon to a new foster or forever home on a commercial airplane than to let one die in a shelter because we don't have a place for that one, locally.

Small Paws® Rescue believes in doing whatever it takes to save a Bichon, even if it is an extraordinary surgery or treatment. Here are a couple of examples.

We have completed 77 Heart Murmur repairs.

Small Paws® Rescue actively seeks media attention to bring the plight of these Bichons to the public is to begin to address the problem of puppy mills, and to recruit additional, much needed foster homes and volunteers.


Small Paws Rescue Saves the Bichon Frise

Small Paws Bichons Assist in Recovery from Eating Disorder

Rescue Volunteers Do Big Jobs

Small Paws Assist Homeless Dogs

To the Rescue: Small Paws Saves the Bichon Frise

We encourage our members to share our newsletters with anyone they choose. Many are shared with entire churches and civic organizations.

These are just a few of the programs that Small Paws® Rescue has implemented! We are very proud of these programs!

  The Small Paws® Rescue Blanketeers 

 The Puppies for Griever's Program Small Paws® Rescue: How To Adopt Puppies

Our Petfinder's Page has our Bichons available for adoption at any one time.

Small Paws® Rescue : Available for Adoption

With Small Paws® Rescue, many Bichons, usually 50-100 are in various stages of quarantines from the puppy mills, heartworm treatments and surgeries, and are not yet listed on our Petfinder's Page. Some are in permanent hospice care where loving volunteers care for them...until God takes over.

 We have an Airline Transportation Department, under the direction of Denise Santos at This group of people make reservations for each of the Small Paws® Rescue Bichons to fly to their forever home. We have flown over 7500 Bichons without incident. We believe it is the safest and most economical way to transport! 

We have experienced and professional Team Leaders, who oversee the rescued Bichons and the volunteers in their areas.

National Team Leader
Joanne Raus

Arizona and New Mexico
Joanne Raus

New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia
Joanne Raus

Vickie Inglee

Georgia and Louisiana

Kathryn Smith

Indiana, Illinois

Sara Rhodes

Kentucky and Ohio
Sharon King

Cindy Leigh

Minnesota, Iowa
Sara Rhodes

Cheryl Wahl

North and South Carolina
Kathryn Smith

Ohio and Kentucky
Sharon King

Ginger Wetz

Northern Texas
Vicki Furstenburg

Southern Texas
Karla Carter

Andy and Lori Foster

Wisconsin, Michigan,
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota
Denis and Jeanette Quelette

Utah, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming
Sheryl Street

Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho
Carrie Rogers

We have adoption processors who thoroughly screen each applicant for Veterinary references, and complete two in-depth phone interviews. You can find out a lot about how an applicant will treat a future dog by the way they have treated dogs in the past.

We openly believe in the miracle healing power of prayer, and have a prayer ministry operating with each and every newsletter.

We have post adoption counselors who check back at least twice on each Small Paws® Rescue to make sure all is going well in it's new adoptive home.

We have Spay/Neuter Coordinators who checks to make sure that all adopted puppies are spayed or neutered by the age of six months.

We have a legal team which has been credited with saving many lives when there is a shelter that refuses to work with rescue, or when someone is illegally using our federally protected trade marked name.

We have a department which makes and sends out beautiful sympathy cards to anyone who has lost a loved one, be it human or canine. The card department is manned by Louie Bertolino at . We send several of these out each day. We also send Thank You cards out for every donation received by check. Online credit card donations, receive adorable E-Cards, made specially for Small Paws® Rescue!

We believe in spaying and neutering! This makes less work for us down the road because in six short years years, one female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 dogs. (This information comes from the Humane Society of the United States.)

Our "Bonded Pair" program insures that when two bonded Bichons come into rescue, they will stay together, We feel that when pairs come in together they are going to stay together, because they have already lost their people, and their homes. These are a just a few of our bonded pairs that we have placed in loving homes, together!

Scarlett and Rhett

The Captain and Tenille

 Legacy Gift Giving. If you would like to leave a gift that will help Bichons in perpetuity long after you are gone, we can assist you. We are also happy to be named as guardians for your Bichons.

 Small Paws® Rescue operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is never a day, including Holidays, that we aren't available to take in Bichons in need of emergency rescue.